Sotheby’s Auction Off Record-Breaking Sneakers

Most expensive sneakers in the worldSource: Evening Standard

Have you ever woken up and thought I will not rest until I own a pair of the most expensive sneakers on the planet? You haven’t? Shame on you, because Sotheby’s hold an online auction for a range of the most expensive sneakers in history. But you better hope you’ve won a jackpot or two if you want to participate, because some are valued at over $100,000. What, you haven’t won a jackpot?

Yes, Sotheby’s really auctioned off 100 of the rarest sneakers ever made online and bids were open until the 23rd July. In case you hadn’t already guessed, you’re probably not going to do any running in these shoes though. And yes, we also struggle to imagine anyone proudly displaying a pair of sneakers in a showcase cabinet. It just doesn’t seem like they would gel with other immaculate works of art.

On the other hand, those Nike Mags are pretty cool in terms of movie memorabilia…

Nike Mags

If you were an 80s kid, chances are these don’t need any explanation. But for the sake of courtesy, these are the shoes Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future 2. No normal human would be seen dead wearing them, but as far as coveted nerd items go these are some pretty hot topics. 1,500 of the shoes were released back in 2011, but shamefully did not lace themselves, as seen in the film. These inferior imitations will start auction at $18,000. Modern version that are capable of lacing themselves were released in 2016; 89 of them. These start at $40,000.

Nike’s famous Back to the Future MagsSource: AOL

Nike “Moon Shoe”

These are the stand out item from the auction, though you wouldn’t know it by looking at them. In fact, chances are pretty high you’d give them a wide berth if seen on the street. So why are they worth between $80,000 and $160,000? Because only twelve were ever made, and they were made by Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman, with his own hands, back in 1972. Most charming of all is that the shoes boasted “added traction with a waffle sole pattern,” which was cutting edge as far as shoes went in the early 70s.

These shoes were sold for a record-breaking $437,500 to Miles Nadal, who owns a brokerage firm in America. Miles also bought another 99 pairs of shoes from this rare shoe auction.

Cactus Jack Air Jordans

Apparently rapper Travis Jordan organised a limited run of Air Jordans for him and a few friends. They are now available in four different colours, and worth $35,000. They look like a pretty standard pair of sneakers, though the purple suede versions are sure to get some attention, only because purple isn’t that common a colour for ordinary sneakers.

SB Dunk Low

Forget what we said about the Air Jordans above, if you really want to stand out, you’ll need to snag these SB Dunk Lows. A person would need to get on their knees with a magnifying glass to appreciate the honestly impressive amount of intricate artwork that has been painted onto them. Apparently the art is by French artist Bernard Buffet, though we’re still not sure it makes them worth $18,000. They are certainly eye-catching, though, and great as a conversation starter.

Adidas Karl Lagerfeld NMDs

These are frankly hideous, and chances are you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them. But, what if we now told you singer Pharrell Williams and Chanel director Karl Lagerfeld designed them. Still hideous? Okay, what if we said Justin Timberlake snapped up a pair in 2017. Still hideous? Fine, but they still worth $26,000, so don’t throw them out or anything if someone gives them to you as a gift. The fact is we seriously doubt Justin Timberlake wears them in public either.

Adidas NMD’sSource: HunnidGrind

Nike Air Force 1, Entourage

Last of all, let’s take a look at the Nike Air Force 1 Entourages. Okay, forget everything we said about the Karl Lagerfeld NMDs above, these are more hideous by far. If you had a choice to wear these or the Lagerfelds, go with the Lagerfelds.

The Nike Air Force 1 Entourage sneakers are worth $19,000, and probably good for getting yourself shunned at social events. From the baby blue and white design, to what appears to be the random, confused scratchings of a drunk person in gold, they aren’t going to be winning any beauty contests. This might just be the reason they’re so rare, given that they likely didn’t make it beyond the first round of focus testing in front of sound thinking, normal people.

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