Mobile Casino Etiquette

So you have a portable casino in your pocket, and this is pretty great. There is, after all, very little to be unhappy about when you can take out your phone, anywhere, anytime, and play roulette. It’s the kind of thing that people not so long ago used to dream about being possible.

There is, however, a few etiquette rules that casino game players should be aware of. You certainly don’t want to go around putting frowns on faces wherever you go. That just wouldn’t be what a well brought up person does. Let’s have a look at some mobile casino etiquette rules that every online gambler should acknowledge.

Put the Volume Down 

Modern online casino games certainly have great audio design. Some modern slot games have amazing soundtracks, and many digital table games go a long way to make you feel like you’re sitting in a real casino. Player love these audio designs, and for good reason. But just because you love the audio, it doesn’t mean that everyone in earshot also loves the audio. If you’re in a public place, or maybe sharing the room with others, it’s a very good idea to turn the audio off, or turn it down at the very least.

The majority of mobile phone games have audio sliders in the game itself. Simply look for a settings menu, find the audio slider, and put it down a little. If the game doesn’t have built in audio options, simply put the sound down on your phone. It’s only polite. After all, some games do tend to have rather repetitive sounds that indicate you’re winner. Imagine hearing that sound over and over when you’re not actually playing the game.

When In Company

It’s rude to be on your phone in company, regardless of what you’re doing on your phone. Sending texts or surfing the web simply isn’t polite when a person is expecting you to acknowledge them. The same goes if you’re playing casino games on your phone. There will always be time later; put your phone away and be social. The same goes for being at the dinner table, family dinners, or any such situation where people might like to see your actual face.

Stay Focused

It’s great being able to play casino games when you’re standing in a queue at the bank, or any other situation that simply has you standing around. It’s not so great when you should be focusing on something else, perhaps like getting a bit of work done. Hey, we’re all for you sneaking a few games when it’s an especially boring at work, but it’s probably not such a good idea when everyone else is focused on meeting a deadline, for example. You can always play during your lunch break. No one is going to frown on you for that.

Wi-Fi Hog

When playing mobile games for real money, you’re going to need a stable Internet connection. We know that phone signals can sometimes be a little sporadic and unreliable, and no one likes it when their game suddenly freezes as the phone attempts to find a signal, so it is always a good idea to jump onto a Wi-Fi connection if possible. Always keep in mind, however, that other people might be using the Wi-Fi for tasks that might be a little more pressing.

Hogging the Wi-Fi is just bad form, and should be avoided if possible. What if someone next door is trying to Google their illness symptoms, and can’t get results because the Wi-Fi is too busy making sure that you can keep spinning the reels in a game of roulette? Yes, we’re being a little overdramatic, but you get what we’re saying.

All Hours Of The Night

We also sometimes sit until the early hours sometimes, engrossed in a good casino game. It happens, and we understand that. But always keep in mind that others might be sleeping, and you certainly don’t want to keep them awake with your casino game shenanigans. We already mentioned keeping the volume down, and this is another good time to follow that rule. But also be sure that you keep your voice down. Celebrating with a nice loud whoop when you hit a big score is all good and well, but not when someone is trying to sleep a few meters away.

Put in some headphones if you want to keep the volume up, and maybe just reduce your celebration whoops to a more muted version of themselves. Also keep in mind that phone screens can be awfully bright, and this isn’t great for a person trying to sleep. But the brightness is also an adjustable feature on the majority of modern smart phones. Open the settings screen on your phone put your screen brightness down a few notches, and keep on playing.

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