Make the Most of Your Online Casino Bonus

The bonuses you can claim at our online casino are a fantastic way to stretch your gaming budget so you can enjoy even more opportunities to win real money jackpots.

However, if you’re an avid player, you may be worried that you’ll play through your bonus money in next to no time. Use our top tips to make the most out of the bonuses you claim from us.

Don’t Ignore Dates

While most online casino bonuses come with an expiry date, that date is usually quite far from the day on which you claim your bonus. You can use this to your advantage.

Knowing that you have a certain amount of bonus valid for a certain period of time means you can work out a gaming budget that allows you to bet however much money each day or each week until just before the bonus expires. Of course, if you work out a budget, you’ll need to ensure you stick to it.

Work Out a Wise Gaming Budget

If you want to try working out a budget for playing at our online casino, it’s a good idea to take both your bonus money and your bankroll into account. By doing this, you’ll have a bigger amount with which to budget.

If the total amount isn’t all that impressive, you can still make it work by being wise when it comes to choosing which games you play.

Choose the Right Games for Your Budget

Stretch your online casino bonus-enhanced budget by choosing slots and table games that are best suited to it. There’s little sense in playing games aimed at high rollers when you have a low roller budget, as you could deplete your account in one session.

Rather look for slots and table games that have a low house edge, fantastic odds, and a high return to player rate. Find games with a wide betting range and play in the lower ranges at our casino.

Play in Demo mode

Get more out of your bonus by splitting your gaming sessions at our online casino between demo and real money play. Spend a few minutes playing the trial versions of slots, table games, card games, or speciality games before switching to playing for real money.

Doing this is a great way to prolong your gaming without eating into your budget, and you still get to play for real money jackpots in the same sitting.

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