Most Luxurious Casinos In the World

Architecture is a pretty amazing thing. It can, if used correctly, create some pretty interesting emotions, and I have a feeling most people don’t even fully understand why. I visited a church once after hearing it was a sight to behold, and was overcome with the most profound feelings of insignificance I’ve ever felt. The interior of the church was so astonishingly immense that I could swear I had been turned into something the size of an insect. The effect was, of course, not by accident.

Real world casinos aim for a similar sort of effect, although less for the purpose of making you feel insignificant, and more for the purpose of overwhelming you with a sensation of luxurious grandeur. Casinos are notorious for being obscenely large, outrageously luxurious structures, and I bet you’ve never sat back and asked yourself why. Roulette tables and slot games would, after all, fit perfectly neatly into a two-story structure, wouldn’t they?

Well, you aren’t exactly going to lure high rollers into dropping millions with a two-story structure, now are you? Of course not. Dropping a million on blackjack requires at least ten stories, minimum. And twenty stories is just a bonus.

Here are some of the most unnecessarily large and luxurious casinos I could find and I hope to visit some day…

The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden Casino

Now, I like luxury as much as the next person. I perhaps wouldn’t feel comfortable in an overly luxurious establishment, mostly because I’d be very worried about accidentally breaking something, but for the pure sake of spectacle I do love luxury.

In the case of the The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden, located in Germany, It’s not only that the casino is stupidly luxurious, but also that it happens to have been built in 1820. Antiques are another thing I rather like, and so this casino is all but an assault upon my sense. I’ve never been there, of course, but Google some photos and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

It also isn’t a particularly big casino, compared to some others on this list, but I bet in 1820 it was pretty damned big. I’d drop a million on roulette in that place, no problem.

Sun City Resort And Casino

Sun City had to go on this list, not only because it is one of the most luxurious casinos in the world, but also because I happen to have actually been there in person. I was young at the time, and don’t recall all that much about the casino itself in detail. What I do recall in regards to the casino is the look on my father’s face as he looked at the lunch menu. Apparently the food was less like the fare we were used to at hone and he felt it was a tad exotic. Another thing I recall is being blown away by the incredible realism of the artificial palm trees. Yes, rather strange things impressed me as a young man.

The actual reason we took the trip was to visit The Palace of the Lost City, the water park attached to the casino. I recall the Lost City a great deal more than the casino, in particular the sets of enormous statues and incredible exhibits that greeted visitors. One fountain, a set of stone monkeys with water pouring from their outstretched fingers, enchanted me for hours. It felt like an African paradise, and as a visitor, even as a young age, it’s stuck in my head as being somewhere I need to go back to… this time though I’ll be playing at that casino.

Casino de Monte-Carlo

I’ve written about Monaco before, and it happens to be one of the places I hope I somehow get to visit before I die. The Casino de Monte-Carlo in particular caught my interest, and just looking at the online photos make me go all but googly eyed. Such places surely only exist in fairy tales, where princesses encounter charming princes, who sweep them off their feet and steal them away on horseback for magical journeys.

In hindsight that actually sounds like a horrifying kidnap scenario, but you get my meaning.

Either way, the particular photo you can probably find online that makes me certain I’ll never visit the place in reality is the one with all the sports cars out front. I doubt I’ll ever be affording such transportation in my life, so I’m fairly sure the casino would eject me even if I did somehow make it through the front doors. I’m all but certain there is a “sports car or no entry” rule attached to the place.

Ibiza Gran Hotel And Casino

If the Casino de Monte-Carlo had ejected me for not owning a sports car, the Ibiza Gran would apparently eject me for not being of model-level attractiveness, again based on the online photos. The place seems to be populated entirely by good-looking people, which make me start thinking that perhaps luxury casino and hotel resorts exist only in some parallel universe.

But now that I think about it, my local land based casino also somehow seems to be populated only by good-looking people, younger than I am. I think I’ve just realised that I’m genetically not supposed to visit luxurious casinos, but hey, I can dream, right? And as yet, it hasn’t put me off trying.

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