Learn to Shoot – Craps for Beginners

When you want to experience the nail-biting suspense of playing the ultimate casino dice game, we’ve got all the information to get started.

At first glance, craps looks complicated. There are markings all over the table on which the dice are rolled, and each of those markings indicates a different type of bet.

However, most beginners have found that it’s an easy game to start playing. Mastering its finer points comes with patience and practice.

If Lady Luck is on your side, your rolls could win you spectacular payouts. Find out more about how to start playing the larger-than-life game, and then come shoot the dice with us.

A Brief Introduction to Craps

Craps is an old game, but just how old, nobody really knows. Some scholars have suggested that the game is based on an older English dice game called Hazard, which may or may not have been played by the crusaders.

French influence saw the game change over time, and eventually the modern form of the game was introduced to the players of New Orleans by a wealthy politician with a penchant for gambling. Unfortunately for casino owners, that form of the game meant that players and dealers could cheat in various ways.

An American dice manufacturer eventually added a few modifications that eliminated those flaws and gave us the form of the game we play now.

Craps was one of the games that soldiers played during the Second World War. They played it on folded blankets, as there weren’t many other playing surfaces available.

Traditionally, the game would’ve been played on pavements and roadways, where walls and kerbstones could be used as a backboard to help control dice movements.

It was the players crouching like toads over street games that gave the game its name. Crapaud is the French word for toad.

How to Begin Playing Craps

Craps is all about betting on rolls of two six-sided dice. You can place many different bets on the table, but most of them are quite challenging for new players.

As a beginner, the bet in which you should focus, at least until you’re more comfortable and confident playing the game, is the Pass Line bet.

Placing the bet itself is as simple as putting your chips on the Pass Line area on the table. When playing the game at our casino, you can do this by clicking your chips and dragging them across the table.

You can roll the craps dice when your chips are in place. The two dice need to total seven or 11 for you to win the Pass Line bet.

If they produce two, three, or 12, you will lose the bet. However, if you roll any other number, that number becomes the Point.

You’ll need to keep rolling the dice if your first roll established the Point. The goal is to either roll the Point a second time and win the bet, or roll a seven and lose the bet.

Craps Beyond the Pass Line Bet

A great way to get to grips with the Pass Line bet when learning how to play craps is to practice in demo mode at our casino. When you know what to do, you can start playing for real money.

Within no time, you’ll be ready to start using some of the more tricky bets. You can also practice placing those at our casino.

The Come bet is much like the Pass Line bet. The biggest difference is that you would place the bet only once the Point has been established.

The Don’t Come bet would also be placed once the Point has established, but in this bet, you’d be betting on the craps player or shooter to lose. This bet is similar to the Don’t Pass bet, whereby you’d bet on the player to lose the Pass Line bet.

When you place the bet called Place Bet to Lose, you’re betting that the dice will produce a seven before they produce a specific number. This bet is the opposite of the Place Bet, which would see you bet that the dice will produce a specific number before they produce a seven.

Another of the more advanced craps bets you can place once you’re comfortable with the beginner-friendly Pass Line bet is the Buy bet. When you place a Buy bet, you’re basically buying a specific number, and would need to pay commission on any winnings you make.

If you place a Lay bet, you would need to select a number that you think will not be rolled before a seven is rolled. Like the Buy bet, you’ll need to pay a small commission on any winnings you make.

Discover the matchless action and excitement of playing craps. Begin your gaming adventure at our casino now!

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