Jurassic Park Coming to Life!

I’d like to put my hand up and say that I was not a fan of the whole Pokémon augmented reality movement. I watched on as kids and some adults walked around in groups in the middle of nowhere finding these little cretins of pop culture. You can call me a Grinch if you want. Heck, maybe I’m just getting older and evolving less, but I’m going to stand by my dislike for augmented reality.  And now it looks like the Jurassic Park franchise is also getting in on the action. Universal, the company that owns the rights to the monster-sized franchise has announced its intention to bring out its take on augmented reality.

Anything will beat Pokémon! Although, if I were to look at it and factor in the climate of technology, the current generational trends and so forth, then yes, I can see why this augmented reality game garnered so much attention. And then of course there’s the fact that augmented reality has gone way beyond the confines of games. Apps like Ink Hunter allow you to see what a tattoo will look like before having it done while ones like Amikasa will let you style your living surroundings before purchasing any furniture. I’ll admit at this point that my gripe actually lies with Pokémon Go and not augmented reality itself.

The Park’s Going All Out!

Universal’s not messing around and rightly so. Jurassic Park is one of its tent pole franchises; a real money spinner, if you will. The last movie, Jurassic World, made more than a billion dollars, sending a clear signal to the execs at Universal. I have no doubt in my mind they their eyes spun like slot reels with dollar signs as they watched the money roll in.

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Now that I’ve gotten that well-placed yet shameless bit of advertising out of the way, let us continue…

Universal plans on going all out with its take on the augmented reality gaming concept.  I can only imagine the extent to which it can all go too. If you’ve got the kind budget that they have along with their visual effects team, you’d be able to do quite a bit. With this in mind, I think it’s safe to assume that Jurassic World will wow us.

What Jurassic World Will Offer

Fans of augmented reality and the Jurassic Park franchise have a lot to look forward to. All the stops are being pulled out and not just to entertain and wow you, but to make sure that you don’t forget about this franchise. After all, there’s profit to be had. Armed with your Android or iOS smartphone, you’ll be able to explore the famed island of Isla Nublar where all the dinosaur experimenting began as well as discover these beasts in your area. In addition to finding dinosaurs, you’ll also be able to set them up against each other to do battle. And if you’re not satisfied with the usual dinosaurs and the fact that these creatures were last seen 65 million years ago, then just like they did in Jurassic World the movie, you can mess with Mother Nature and create your own hybrid dinosaurs!

Fun times await those of us who latch on to these cool digital trends. I may even give this game a go myself!


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