Is This the End Of The YouTuber?

Is this the end of the YouTuber?Source: pixabay

There is no doubt that YouTube is a website that has been home to serious controversy. And, given the nature of this media-sharing site, it stands to reason that some controversy was all but guaranteed. But the most recent controversy has changed YouTube forever, perhaps even spelling the end for many YouTube channels.

The instance involved popular YouTuber Logan Paul, who went one step too far on what he dared to publish on his channel. In a video that drew enormous controversy and scorn, Logan Paul came upon the body of a person who had committed suicide. Seen hanging from the neck, the body was clearly shown for almost a full ten minute video, with Logan and friends seeming at first perplexed about how to behave, and then clearly excited by the idea of how much attention the video would undoubtedly receive.

But Logan Paul perhaps did not anticipate the far-reaching consequences of his deeply distasteful video.

New Regulations In Place

In response to the video, YouTube announced that it would be implementing stricter measures on all content creators, as well as its Google Preferred Premium Advertising partner programme. The general changes now require that a user must have accumulated at least 4,000 hours of overall video watch time in 12 months, as well as have at least 1,000 subscribers.

These measures may not seem strict upon first glance, but many are saying that it spells the end of YouTube as one of the most popular websites on the Internet. Why? Because it has now become harder than ever before for new content creators to break into the YouTube world, and earn any income. Hence, it has never been less attractive for content creators to get involved on the channel.

Why The New Regulations?

YouTube has expressed on many occasions that the core of revenue being earned on YouTube is via advertising. Money is made by adverts being shown during YouTube videos, with a portion of the income going to YouTube, and the rest going to the content creator.

The problem comes from companies preferring their adverts to be shown on family friendly, inoffensive content. After all, would any company be happy with their advert being seen in a video where a person shows a suicide victim? Obviously not, which is a problem that has been a concern for YouTube for a long time already.

It may have been noticed that most popular YouTubers have already stopped using foul language on their channels, and making jokes that may be inappropriate to some. This development was a result of this problem being called to attention previously. The Logan Paul incident has simply kicked the problem more squarely into the spotlight.

A media space for everyone- or not?Source: pixabay

Is This The End Of YouTube?

Many were quick to declare that YouTube would collapse with the new restrictions in place, but is this really true? The new restrictions will, there is no question, make it less likely for new content creators to get involved. Or at least, content creators who are not willing to put in a great deal of work before earning any revenue. But as always, the online world is a gamble, and much like playing at a casino, often what you put in will be what you get out. Those willing to go the extra mile and create top-notch YouTube content will rise to the top, regardless of what new regulations are put in to place.

Some have also argued that the new regulations will only result on better content being focused on in the YouTube world, which is the intention of the regulations. So if anything, the regulations will really be restricting those who were never going to put in effort in the first place, and perhaps only rely on shock tactic videos to earn income.

It’s an on going debate that is still causing much dismay among the YouTube communities. Either way, the regulations have been put into place, and the long-term consequences of these new regulations will be seen.

Knowing the new rules of YouTubeSource: pixabay

Future Of YouTube

Overall, there is little chance that YouTube will ever fully collapse as a website. Given that the top YouTubers are still doing well, and show little intention of ever stopping, YouTube is still clearly a place for the already established channels to thrive. YouTube will likely continue to evolve, however, with new regulations being put into place, as they are required. New channels, now more than ever, will have to stand apart like never before to gain traction.

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