The iOS vs. Android Battle Continues

There are two sides to the mobile Operating System fence when it comes to casino platforms, and the endless debate revolves around the fact that there are most definitely pros and cons to both iOS and the Android.

Thanks to the developments in mobile technology as far as smartphone and tablet casino options are concerned, the popularity of playing casino games by means of these portable devices has increased proportionally. Recent statistics show that more people than ever before are making use of their mobile devices in order to play real money casino games, mirroring our increasing reliance on these overall – as is perfectly illustrated by the complete turmoil our lives are thrust into whenever a smartphone is lost or stolen.

The Leaders of the Mobile World

The two outright leaders in the mobile device market, particularly in terms of mobile casino game play, are the iOS and the Android. When it comes to deciding which gadget to spend your money on, very often the ease and accessibility of the mobile casino games so many people around the world enjoy each day is an important factor.

The iOS has Apple’s iconic brand name going for it, but the Google-powered Android system that Sony, HTC, and Samsung make use of currently makes up more than 80% of the market share.

Both operating systems have a range of options available for their users, with an enormous selection of applications and games, and very few remain exclusive to one or the other. Whether it is in the Google Play market, as is the case for Android operating systems, or the App store, which provides services to iPhone users, both systems have devoted a vast portion of their markets totally to games. Many of these are available at either a reduced price or no cost at all if users allow in-game advertising, but the ratio of free games available at Google Play that will cost iPhone users money is still quite extraordinary.

Making More Games Available

There are not many games that provide exclusive access to one platform or the other, but, this being said, certain casino games certainly offer a better playing experience versus those which are usable on an iPhone. In terms of particular game types, however, the Apple iOS does actually lead by a small margin, with the variety of applications available slightly larger, and more choice, along with slightly better graphics, provided on the iOS.

Interestingly, the games which are most frequently downloaded very often run along gender-specific lines: jewel dropping, colour sorting, ball popping entertainment are more usually installed by women, and shoot-em-up zombie role-playing games are preferred by men. Both iPhone and Android operating systems work excellently for any of these types of entertainment, but here’s the rub…

Neither the Google Play or Apple App store promote or officially allow for the sale of real money slots or online casino applications, but both operating systems do allow for these types of games to not only be stored on their platforms, but created on them too. What this means for players is, although you may not see mobile casino applications being advertised on either the App or Google Play stores, they remain accessible, downloadable, and enjoyable through the devices which run on either platform!

This means that players interested in progressive slots games or other types of real money entertainment need to head to the online casino of their choosing and download the application directly from the casino’s site, and, thanks to the previously-mentioned popularity, both are almost ubiquitously available.

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