iOS Versus Android Online Casinos

iOS versus Android phones is one of those debates that will go on, inevitably, until the ends of time. It is also one of those debates that tend to draw the most verbal supporters from either side, resulting in social media flame wars that get a little out of control. To be clear, both platforms have their pros and cons, and both platforms are good. That one should be crowned the king of the other is a bit irrelevant, since it really is down to personal preference. So both are the winner, depending on who is making the decision.

More specifically, however, as the online casino game industry rapidly blossoms, a new debate has arisen about which platform is specifically better for casino games. Predictably, the verbal fans of either platform have already started a few eye rolling arguments on social media, resulting in the facts getting buried under mountains of venomous paragraphs. So let’s have a real, objective look at whether iOS or Android provides the best player experience for online casinos games.

iOS Casino Games

One thing that no one can deny is that Apple is a very well regulated operating system. If you download an application for an Apple phone, or laptop, you can be pretty sure that the application is of good quality, that it will run on your device, and that no unwanted malicious software is going to be sneaking in. There is no denying that Apple is rock solid in this regard. This translates equally well to offered casino game applications. Each application is highly polished, and is all but guaranteed to work beautifully with your Apple device.

The reason for this is that Apple is a closed monopoly. The company deals only with devices that are strictly Apple brand, which means that their attention is laser focused. There are only so many models of Apple hardware, which means that designing applications, such as gambling applications, is a much easier and tightly focused job. The result is applications that have excellent user interfaces, and run exceptionally well. Any casino game you download on your Apple device is sure to be a pleasure to use. But does this mean Apple is the winner? Not necessarily.

Android Casino Games

There are hundreds of different model devices that use the Android operating system. Some are more powerful, some are less powerful, some have more buttons, some have less buttons, but all are using the Android operating system. How do developers possibly go about designing applications that can work efficiently on all these different model phones, all with such different levels of resources? The answer is; with great difficulty. The result is that Android applications are less reliable than Apple applications, and this can mean games that crash, have less user friendly controls, and otherwise behave in unpredictable ways. Not always, but it can happen.

So what is the benefit of Android? Android is not a closed monopoly, and anyone, anywhere, can release an application, within reason. Android does not require that developers stick to strict, often suffocating regulations, and ultimately this means that Android has a much larger selection of applications from which to choose. In other words, Android embraces diversity at the cost of guaranteed quality. In the online casino scene, it means that users have a much wider selection of games and applications to choose from, by a fairly large margin.


If you prefer iOS, we are not going to tell you it isn’t the best. Likewise, if you prefer Android, we wouldn’t dream of telling you it isn’t a good choice. The last thing we want is to have the iOS and Android diehard fan crowds breathing down our throats. iOS versus Android is not a cut and dry debate, and, as has already been said, will likely be going on until the ends of time. We will say it again; the answer to the debate is a matter of personal preference, and always will be.

In our own opinion, iOS casino games come with the benefit of being stable, quality guaranteed, and providing smooth and reliable user experiences. The controls are always tight and responsive, and the games far less likely to crash or behave unexpectedly. There are many benefits, and iOS users are right to be proud of this stability.

Android is simply a larger selection in basically all regards. Yes, the games may not run as expected, but this is why the Google Play Store has such a strong focus on user reviews. Players may inform one another about their personal experiences, and thus help others select games that will reliably work on their devices. Such a large selection comes with its drawbacks, in terms of quality guarantee, but then such a large selection also provides enormous freedom of choice. Some are just not comfortable having a strictly limited choice, and this is something we can respect. Either way, if you prefer iOS or Android, there are hundreds of casino games to choose from, which means plenty of fun to be had regardless of which operating system you choose.

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