Interesting Mobile Gaming Stats

Let’s look at some interesting and revealing mobile statistics. Firstly, let’s look at who is playing mobile casino games.

The demographic of online casino players is quite diverse. Looking at the statistics, it seems mobile gaming is penetrating a wider and wider demographic

  • Around 43% of online casino players are women, with bingo and slots making up the majority of games enjoyed. From studies, it seems that women will play longer sessions, but at lower stakes as compared to men, who prefer high risk, high reward play.
  • The vast majority of the gaming demographic are adults aged between 25 and 65.

Mobile Share of Gambling

There are over 250 remote gambling licences issued in the UK alone to date.

  • In 2014 the mobile social casino revenue was 51% of the world total.

This is largely due to the fact that smartphones are now the norm for people in various social and economic demographics. Since more people have smartphones, there is automatically a larger customer base for mobile casino gaming.

Most Popular Games

So what games are people playing on their mobile devices?

  • It seems that slots and roulette make up about 16% of the total market share of casino games.

This also provides some insight into the demographics of mobile games, as slot and roulette games are great for beginners. These two games are most commonly associated with a casino, so it makes sense that they will usually be the first games most players try out.

  • A very close second to slots and roulette are bingo games. Online bingo games feature a predominantly female audience and make up 12% of the global gambling revenue for mobile markets.
  • 7% of mobile players enjoy poker variants, including video poker.

The rest of the audience is made up of sports bettors, lottery players and other mobile gaming enthusiasts who play games like baccarat, keno and sic bo.

Average Spending on Mobile

  • Globally, mobile gambling pulls in about $20 billion a year.

This figure is continuously growing as smartphones become available to a larger and more diverse market. The great games on offer at Mummys Gold Casino, along with the rewarding bonus offers, are just too tempting for most people to resist.

Real money gaming on a mobile device will keep getting more and more popular, especially with new technological revolutions adding to mobile device’s capabilities. Soon, augmented reality technology and VR technology will increase the mobile share of the casino gaming market even more.

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