Top Tips For A Better Profile Pic

Choose the right profile photoSource: Pixabay

A single photo can go a very long way in helping you get an advantage. Be it your Facebook profile pic, or the avatar photo used at quality casinos online when you engage in a head to head battle at the Poker tables, an impression is being created. What impression, and for what reason, is up to you. The point is, choosing the correct photo is important.

But then, what exactly makes one photo better than another? We’re not suggesting that you sit and agonise over your profile pic like an angst-ridden teenager who won’t sleep unless they know it’s the greatest photo ever committed to pixels. What we are suggesting is that small, subtle things you may not have considered make a big difference.

The experiment used for this information was a simple one. Multiple different images were uploaded to the website The results were catalogued, and told an interesting tale. So in this case we’re specifically talking about a profile pic used for online dating, but the results can easily be applied across the board.

Want to make sure your profile pic is hot too? Follow these tips so you don’t end up in the ‘not’ pile…

Let Me See You Flex

The first experiment was an easy one. Should you, or should you not, show skin in a profile photo? The results are probably going to make you scratch your head a bit. In the case of photos involving women, the amount of skin showed didn’t have a noticeable impact on the overall popularity. In the case of men it absolutely did. Men often get a bad rap for having profile pics that show off their bodies. The truth is because it works. Who would have guessed? Shirtless, flexing photos of men consistently rated the highest. Oh the dilemma.

Of course, having a shirtless flexing image on a public Facebook account isn’t the best idea. Unless you want your parents to shake their heads sadly, muttering ‘where did we go wrong,’ daily.

Show That Beautiful Mug

There is much to be said for not hiding. In the case of profile photos, we mean not covering your face with glasses, hats, or anything else. Sunglasses, for example, are the absolute worst idea, consistently killing the popularity of a photo like voodoo magic. Why? Because your eyes are the window to your soul of course.

Picking perfect profile picturesSource: Pixabay

Face To Face

The angle of your photo is also important. The experiment found that having a front-on photo gave the best results. So don’t expect a side angle of your face to get much attention. Other humans want to see you as if you’re engaging them in a conversation; head-on and direct.

Tell A Story

Context matters, as we all know. In the case of profile photos, this couldn’t be truer. Images that show a person in some sort of setting, such as in the mountains, on the beach, or somewhere else interesting got the best results for both men and women.

On the other hand; don’t show trophies. Posing with your new car, guitar, or motorbike is not a plus. In fact, it tends to have the exact opposite effect. Who would have guessed not everyone is impressed by insufferable bragging? Weird.

Smiling Is The Secret

If you’ve ever been on dating websites you’ll probably have noticed a veritable buffet of people unsure about how to smile. Some have half smiles, others have obscure semi-smiles, and others are so committed to not smiling they give the impression of seriously needing the bathroom.

Here is the answer you’ve been looking for. For women big toothy smiles are best. Half smiles were consistently ranked the worst, while neutral faces were a comfortable middle ground. For men neutral faces were best, while wide smile are worst. Strange, but true.

A Question Of Hands

Here is another strange but true reality. Women who show their hands in profile photos scored the best. We mean the sort of photo with hands planted on cheeks. Why? Science says because showing your hands is a sign of trust. We can’t say for sure if this is or isn’t true, but it does work.

Trust Monroe

Why do Lola Bunny and Jessica Rabbit both look weirdly similar? Because animators determined long ago what makes a women the ultimate sex symbol. Being a cartoon? No! Pouty lips and hooded eyes. This classic sultry expression works better than showing skin. Live and learn, right? It’s almost as if animators spent years locking this down.

Colour Me Surprised

Finally, what are the best colours to wear in profile photos? Shocker; it doesn’t matter. What does matter is, above everything else, looking comfortable and confident. All the above information is great, and should be taken into consideration. But overall, those who looked cool and collected in their photos almost always came out on top. It doesn’t hurt to have your hair combed though, that’s for sure.

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