Heat Things Up With Bikini Party Slots

It’s the cool breeze blowing off of the ocean. Or perhaps it’s the sound of waves gently lapping the beach. Or maybe it’s digging your toes into the sand as the warm sun turns even the palest of skins into a rich, golden brown. There’s just something about the beach that translates into instant relaxation. And let’s not forget the frozen drinks with tiny pink umbrellas, or drinking straight from a fresh coconut.

Then, of course, there are the beach games. We can’t forget the beach games. Where does one knock around a beach ball if not on the beach? But probably the most well-known beach game has to be beach volleyball. Spiking it over the net and digging it out of the sand – beach volleyball is arguably the most fun you can have at the beach. Sound like a good time? Well we’ve got some great news for you! You can enjoy the excitement, fun and superb views of a beach volleyball game online! There’s no need to wait for the perfect weather, season and beach location when you can play Bikini Party slots at Mummys Gold!

The Game

We hope you brought your sunglasses, because this game is about as bright, vibrant and colourful as you’re going to find. On top of the bright aqua green ocean, the blue sky, fluffy white clouds and waves gently lapping against the coarse sand beach, there is a bit more scenery that the player might be interested in. This, of course, is the myriad of stunning and eye catching bikini party volleyball players that have made their way to your personal beach party. Each one of these pro players is striking a different pose in a different set of beachwear.

We’ve got orange, blue, red, yellow and green bikinis. We’ve got players with cool shades and players with slick hats. Blonde, brunette, dark haired and red haired – there’s so many different bikini –clad volleyball players that it’s almost hard to keep track of them all! Luckily for you, they’re each in a different pose. This makes it a bit easier when you’re trying to line them up for big wins. And you’ll want to line them up, as all of these girls are the high paying symbols.

In addition to the beautiful volleyball players, you’ll also recognise some other familiar symbols on this slot. These include a purple nine, blue ten, a green jack, a yellow queen, an orange king and a red ace. We know you’re looking to win big, so you’ll probably be most concerned with finding the scatter symbol. The scatter in Bikini Party slots is, you guessed it, a volleyball. This volleyball scatter symbol leads us to our next section – the bonus features!

Bonus Features

What would a cool beach party slot be without some amazing bonus features? It wouldn’t be a party at all! Lucky for you, this slot has bonus features aplenty, starting with the aforementioned volleyball scatter symbol. If you manage to get three of these bouncy symbols to show up on the reel, you’re in for fifteen free spins. During this free spin bonus round, all the reel wins see their values tripled. This is your chance to win big, so cross your fingers and hope for the best. What’s more, bonus spins can also be retriggered in this round. And be sure to look out for the wild symbol while those reels turn. It can mean big wins and more fun!

So what are you waiting for? Get your shades and come on down to the Bikini Party Mummys Gold. We’re waiting for you!

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