Greg Elder – From Teacher to Professional Gambler

teacher to pro gamblerWhen Greg Elder graduated from college, he took up a teaching post. After feeling that a change was needed, he took up a completely different job, but discovered quickly just how much he hated it.

Elder walked out of his job, and filled his days by practising and learning everything he could about gambling. Although his drastic decision was initially met with scepticism, Elder is now a professional gambler and a full-time gambling writer who already has several books to his name.

We take a closer look at how a mild-mannered former teacher got into gambling, sharpened his skills, and shared his knowledge with other players.

Getting into Gambling

Elder is living proof that, sometimes, we need to go through a negative experience in order to find and follow our bliss. After teaching and coaching basketball at a public school, he left his chosen profession to sell insurance.

While many would agree that selling insurance is hardly the most exciting job on earth, Elder hated it. When he realised that he was no longer excited at the thought of getting out of bed and going to work each day, he decided that a huge change was in order.

Elder walked out of his job, and started looking for something that would restore his excitement about life. It was during that time that he read Bob Dancer’s Million Dollar Video Poker.

Reading that slim volume proved to be a life-changing event. Elder said that the book inspired him to try turn his gambling hobby into a profession, even though he knew that such a venture could prove risky.

Although his wife had her reservations about Elder’s big decision, she grew more supportive when he hit a sports betting winning streak fairly early on. The winning streak no doubt inspired Elder, because he spent between 12 and 15 hours a day honing his other gambling skills.

From Sports Betting to Blackjack

Elder’s sports betting winning streak gave him enough encouragement to branch out into playing other games. While enjoying his success at betting, he learned to count cards in preparation for playing blackjack.

Once he felt confident, Elder started playing blackjack, but would bet only when he had the advantage. He said that he preferred playing blackjack in land-based casinos, as it is impossible to count cards online.

A Gambler Alone

From the start, Elder was adamant that he wanted to gamble alone. There was no question about being part of a team of players, because he wanted to start at grass-roots level and work his way up.

The pro gambler knew that he would make mistakes, but he was happy to learn from them. He said that the only outside influences on his gambling were informative books and other research media.

Insights From a Pro Gambler

When asked if luck, bankroll, discipline, or mathematical skill was the most important factor in gabling professionally, Elder was quick to say that luck does not come into it.

Instead, the secrets of gambling at a professional level successfully are a bankroll big enough to survive potentially long losing streaks, and the self-discipline required to only ever place positive expectation bets.

Greg Elder the Author

Elder’s amazing story was something he wanted to share with others. While planning and writing his intended opus, Gamblers Fight Back, the budding author put together a few simple e-books on subjects such as sports betting, card counting, and slot machine strategies.

Gamblers Fight Back, published by Tate Publishing, exposes the profit-maximising tactics used by casinos, and aims to help players become smarter gamblers.

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