Games That Help Sharpen Gambling Skills

Just the other day I was looking in the mirror, and I asked myself; Marc, how are you such a damn good, totally great, completely unstoppable legend of casino games? And, being a modest sort of bloke I just admitted to myself that I was probably born with glowing talent, and owed it all to good genetics and superior natural intellect.

Really though, casino games are, of course, about practice, as with most things. I’m honestly not a believer in phrases such as natural talent, although I certainly think some people have a natural affinity towards certain activities, more than perhaps the person next to them. But, there really is no substitute for hard work and practice. A person who commits themselves to getting better at casino games will, by the natural order of things, be better than a person who puts in less hours.

In the case of casino games, I think having a mathematical mind helps, but also, being involved in activities that strengthen gambling abilities also helps. That is to say; a person who enjoy Sudoku, for example, may well just be a casino game genius waiting to happen.

Let’s take a look at a few games that may help gamblers naturally increase their skills.


You know what I’m naturally not very good at? Maths. Stupid maths and its stupid numbers, doing stupid number things and having definite results and answers. What an annoyance. My brain, I’m proud to say, likes floaty words and sentences, with multiple solutions to the same challenge. A person can write a sentence to the best of their ability, and another person can come along and write a better sentence, with the exact same meaning. Is either solution, objectively speaking, better? Perhaps. But both are still saying the same thing.

Numbers, on the other hand, play no such vague, abstract game. They are solid, have definite answers, and sneer in the face of all those who fail to grasp them. The same goes for casino games.

Sudoku is a game that revels in numbers, and if you already play the game, you know that it isn’t to be taken lightly. It tests your ability to add numbers on the fly, visualise future mathematical outcomes, and otherwise burst your brain cells. I’m terrible at it. If you aren’t terrible at it, however, it is perfect for those who want to strengthen their table casino game skills indirectly.


When I first came across UNO, I didn’t realise that it was a direct adaption of a game I had been playing with my family for years, which we called Beat Your Neighbour. Beat Your Neighbour was played with a standard deck of cards, and made my extended family gatherings generally end in a fist fight, headlock, or other violent altercation. But I guess the selling power of a game named Beat Your Neighbour honestly wouldn’t be huge, so UNO was what they went with.

Most, however, are familiar with UNO being a friendly game, with laughter and good times for everyone. What’s interesting about UNO, however, is that it’s largely based around having to make the best of a bad situation, and predict what cards your opponents may or may not be holding.

In other words, it’s very similar to poker in a number of ways. Now, UNO doesn’t involve betting, of course, but the point is that it very easily could involve betting. So, with a not so big stretch of the imagination UNO could easily be seen as a version of poker. If nothing else, UNO will certainly help you strengthen your poker face, and that’s a fact.


Who doesn’t love Monopoly? If my family gatherings ended in violent altercations with Beat Your Neighbour, Monopoly ended in at least one person needing to be rushed to the emergency ward, due to near fatal strangling.

I joke, of course, my family is very loving, and any emergency room visits were, if anything, likely due to my grandmother overfeeding someone to the point of bursting. She’s Italian, you see, and in Italy force feeding people food is akin to giving them lots of hugs.

Monopoly really is a great game though, in all seriousness, and I don’t know anyone who hasn’t played it at least once. Based partly around luck, a great deal around forward thinking, and having a healthy pinch of negotiating, the game touches on almost all aspects of what makes a good casino game player.

Of course, you can’t negotiate with other players in casino games, but learning the value of money investment versus potential future earning is a very useful thing to understand. I daresay that those who have a natural affinity for Monopoly would be excellent at casino games, and it doesn’t take much to understand why. If anything, I’d very much not like to play poker against that one guy who always seems to dominate in Monopoly.

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