From Online Casinos To Smart Watches

The online casino industry is certainly one that deserves close attention. It is, as is well known, growing at an astonishing rate, to such a degree that many are predicting the closing down of major real world casinos. This prediction may be a bit of an exaggeration, and it would certainly be a shame if some of the more historic casinos shut their doors, but what is even more interesting is the advancement of technology being pioneered by online casinos.

It was, after all, not so long ago that playing Roulette online was the stuff of science fiction novels, and today we have mobile devices capable of playing Roulette for real money, anytime, anywhere. And this is to say nothing about the recent introduction of live dealer casinos, which are so advanced in their live video streaming capabilities that they rival the experience of playing at a table in a brick and mortar casino. The only real question remaining, is where will the online casino industry go from here?

Rapid Technological Advancements

Here is something to think about; people born in the 1980’s and earlier did not have access to the Internet. This means that in a single person’s lifetime we have gone from no internet, to simple internet, to lightening fast broadband internet, and the generation born just a few decades ago have witnessed it all. The implications of where technology will be by the time these 1980’s babies hit their 60’s literally defies imagination.

So, how will the online casino industry evolve in the future? We have already seen casino games that are playable on smart watches, and the live casino evolution is basically already old news. What could the future possibly hold? The most obvious step forward would be virtual reality, since this technological explosion is happening right now. And, since much of the online casino advancements seem to have been centred on offering a more lifelike experience, virtual reality seems the next obvious step forward.

VR and AR Casino Games

Imagine putting on a pair of goggles and finding yourself in a swanky casino, seated at a table with various other poker players circling the tables before you. These players all look as real as your face in the mirror, and are able to smile, wave, or talk as if they were in the room with you.

Picking up your cards is done by simply reaching for them and closing your hand, and placing bets is a matter of touching the appropriate chips on the table. But, of course, these are all people on opposite sides of the world, brought together in an online casino by the power of hyper advanced technology.

Virtual reality casinos are happening, and you will be around to play in them, as will augmented reality games. But, I hear people asking, will this technology be affordable, and will it be necessary? As to the question of whether the technology will be affordable to the average person, the answer is a resounding yes. It will certainly not, however, be a cheap investment. Current virtual reality sets are a bit costly, but the prices are sure to come down as the technology becomes more widely adopted.

Augmented reality is perhaps a cheaper option, as the player can simply use their smartphone, as demonstrated in the hugely popular Pokémon Go game that has taken the world by storm. In this case the player simply uses their mobile device to look at an existing scenario, and an overlay is added to provide an augmentation. This type of technology is easier for many to access than VR, and also holds great possibilities for the future of interactive online casino games.

The Future and Beyond

What lies beyond augment and virtual reality is a tough question to answer, requiring soothsaying skills equivalent to Nostradamus, if you buy into that sort of thing. Virtual reality itself will likely keep evolving well into the millennium, improving on basically every level until it becomes indistinguishable from reality.

Will virtual reality poker players be able to feel the cards in their hand, smell the cigarette smoke in the air, or taste the brandy in the glass beside them? It is impossible to say for sure, but given the rate at which technology is advancing, it certainly doesn’t seem impossible.

For the time being, however, online players are happy using the “primitive” touch screens of their mobile devices. Or content with watching live streams beamed across the ocean to instantly appear on their computer monitors. When the first virtual reality casinos appear, it will certainly change the way we see online gambling, and the gambling industry as a whole. Perhaps real world casinos will start closing their doors, given that better experience lies within a few circuits and memory boards.

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