How to Fix Mobile Multiplayer Glitches

It is a wonderful time we live in. People from around the world can log onto online casinos, gaining access to hundreds of real money casino games anywhere, and at anytime. In fact, many are calling it the online casino golden age, and they couldn’t be more right. There has been no other time in history friendlier to those who enjoy playing casino games.

But, being that the mobile online casino industry is still young, there are still a few small problems. This is to be expected, and rest assured that as the industry becomes more refined, the problems will fade away.

One of the most common problems players experience, especially those who play multiplayer games from portable mobile devices, is a break in communication between their device and the casino server. This happens because mobile devices work via wireless signal, which is notoriously unreliable. Don’t worry though; it may be an annoying problem, but not one that cannot be solved.

Bad Connection Manifestation

An online casino game that freezes, does not respond, seems to be hanging in a single moment, or otherwise behaves unusually, is probably having communication problems. These issues are most evident in multiplayer games, essentially because many players are all trying to hold steady communication in a single game.

Other players in multiplayer, such as online poker, who seem to be taking their time to make a move, or simply sit and let their time expire, are likely having a communication problem. This being said, be sure to keep this in mind before being rude to slow poke players; it may not be their fault at all.

But why is there bad communication?

Why Bad Connections Occur

Mobile devices have come a long way in a very short space of time. Never forget how a mobile phone looked from just a decade ago. Modern mobile devices are extremely powerful, ultra-advanced pieces of technology, and people from the 90s would surely have their mouths hanging open at the sight of them. We are living in a time where technology has leapt forward to a staggering degree.

And it is not normally the mobile device that causes bad communication. It is rather the very unpredictable locations in which mobile device users can be. Mobile data transfer towers can be seen everywhere, but cannot cover every square foot of incredibly varied terrain all over the world. A user in a valley will have worse signal than one on a hill, for example, and a mobile device can simply not properly compensate for this. A player may even be out in a remote area, where signal is barely available. These problems, and others, will often be the cause of signal problems in online casino games.

So What Can You Do?

Moving to a new location is the most obvious thing to do when experiencing bad signal. It certainly doesn’t help if you are in a concrete underground parking lot attempting to play multiplayer casino games. Simply leaving the underground parking lot will certainly improve the signal. On the other hand, users can experience bad signal even at home, which is certainly an annoyance.

In this case of having bad signal at home it may be best to find an outside, open area to play online casino games. Moving just a short distance can make an enormous difference where mobile signal is concerned, so try a few locations in your home and settle in the best possible location.

Also take note that weather conditions can also enormously affect mobile signal. Strong wind can cause trees to move about rapidly, reducing signal to a significant degree. Try keeping away from trees in such conditions.

Different Signal Types

It is also important to keep in mind that there are different networks, offering different signal types. In most cases players will be connected to the fastest available network, which will automatically be done by the device itself. This is not always perfect, however, and a device will sometimes connect to a network it deems to be faster, but is in fact not reliable at all. Consider accessing the settings of your device and manually trying out a few different networks.

Connect To Wi-Fi

In the vast majority of cases a Wi-Fi signal will be a great deal stronger, and more reliable than a wireless network signal. If you have Wi-Fi available, it is almost always better to connect to it when playing online multiplayer casino games. Given that Wi-Fi signals are normally land based, they will not be affected by many of the problems wireless networks have. Beware, though; connecting to a Wi-Fi signal will often run down a mobile devices battery a great deal, so be sure to check your battery levels regularly, lest you be dropped from a nail biting game at the least opportune moment.

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