Five Interesting Fun Facts About Roulette

Roulette is one of the most recognisable games in the world, which isn’t surprising, seeing as it has thrilled players for three hundred years. Play the European, French, and American versions of the king of casino games at Mummys Gold.

Before you start betting on where the ball will land in Lady Luck’s multi-coloured wheel, take a moment to read five fun and interesting facts about the classic game.

1.Roulette Fact and Fiction

One of the very first mentions of roulette is found in a novel called La Roulette, ou le Jour. Written by Jacques Lablee and published in Paris in 1801, it describes a version of the game known and loved today.

Lablee’s description of a roulette in Paris’ Palais Royale includes mention of two pockets numbered zero and double zero.

2.Devil May Care

According to legend, the inventor of roulette, Francois Blanc struck a deal with the devil to get his hands on the secrets of the game.

The legend probably arose when some smart or bored player worked out that all the numbers on the wheel add up to 666, the mythical number of the beast. It’s probably for this reason, too, that the famous wheel is sometimes called the Devil’s Wheel.

3.Wheel Inside or Wheel On Top

When roulette was first invented, the wheel was set into the middle of the table, almost like a well. This can be seen in old illustrations and engravings that show people playing the game.

As the game was taken up the Mississippi River from New Orleans, operators discovered they needed to prevent players and dealers from cheating. It was then that the wheel was placed on top of the table, where the dealer and players could keep a watchful eye.

4.Revell Wins on Red

One of the most famous roulette wins of recent years happened to Ashley Revell in 2009. The Briton sold everything he owned, visited a casino in Vegas, and put it all on red.

The wheel was spun, the ball landed in a red pocket, and Revell’s money was doubled. He invested his winnings in an online poker business that has since ceased operations.

5.What’s In a Name?

The word Roulette is French for Little Wheel. However, there are some who think that the name may actually have derived from a similar English game called Roly-Poly.

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