Finding Love Playing Online Casino Games?

Dating in your thirties is no walk in the park. Just ask what’s her face in that show, the name of which I forget. Or, just about any TV show these days, given that there will almost inevitably be the “dating in his/her thirties” character. Or, you could just ask me. Yes, I have been afflicted by the terrible reality of dating in my thirties, and oh the stories of woe, sadness and embarrassment I could tell you. On the plus side, I could probably star in a TV show, even if just as a compulsory side character, or that strange guy who loves gambling and spends the other half of his life swiping right on Tinder.

The trick of dating in your thirties is that it is a constant struggle to understand where you are supposed to find compatible mates. And if the fact that I just used the term “mates” doesn’t put the whole dilemma in perspective for you, nothing will.

But I digress. Finding people to date is half the challenge, and one starts inevitably looking for potential dating companions in the strangest of places. Yes, there are various dating websites and applications, but the urge strikes at the oddest of times, leading to a person looking for a potential date, for example, in online casino games.

Are You Looking For Me?

Not so long ago I faced off against various random strangers in an online poker game. Most of the profile pictures were the usual mess of nonsense, memes, and goofy photos, but one stood apart. It was an attractive woman, smiling broadly, begging the world to take notice of her. Dating in your thirties 101; if a lady looks like she is demanding attention, she probably is. That may sound a bit simplistic to you, but trust me it’s true probably 80% of the time.

So, being the suave individual that I am, I decided that perhaps I would attempt conversation with the attractive lady. And, who knew, maybe a beautiful romance would flourish. So, after a few tentative hellos in the text window, the lady and me got talking. Soon we were chatting like long time friends, and how delighted I was that I had managed to find a potential date in an unusual place.

Soon after the attractive lady fleeced me, took all my money, and left the table without a word. Dating in your thirties 101 revised; in online poker games, ladies begging for attention are most likely just after your money. Didn’t I feel foolish?

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Online Social Worlds

Is online poker a good place to find a date? Of course not, you great big lovable goof, it’s a good place to hone your poker playing skills. One can’t hope to meet people that are open and honest in an online game based around winning money. Which is not to say it isn’t possible, just that it shouldn’t be a first choice to start looking.

But, there are other casino games that are far more focused on being social, if we’re taking the concept of “love in an online casino game” seriously. Bingo, for example, is a game that doesn’t require anyone to be screwing anyone else over. Most people are there to chat, so, I guess your chances might be a bit better? Only old ladies play bingo? Oh, hush your mouth and stop believing stereotypes. The average age of an online casino player is, in fact, late thirties early forties.

Does mean I think bingo is a good place to find love I the online world? Well, as far as casino games are concerned, I certainly think it’s your best bet. But again, why wouldn’t you just join a dating website, where dating is specifically what people are after?

Seriously, For A Second

To be serious for a second, dating in ones thirties really is a difficult, and often demotivating business. Some of my friends are already on their second marriage, which is good progress as far as finding a partner is concerned in the world of today. I haven’t been married even once, sad face, which means I have a lot of catching up to do. Maybe I can divorce my first wife quick, and get the ball rolling for true happiness with my second, or third wife.

I’m not one to believe in things like one true partner for everyone, because that sounds like so much demented early Disney movie logic to me. What I do think, though, is that you have to find someone with similar mental quirks to yourself, and where they might be located really is one of the mysteries of the universe. At a digital poker table? Perhaps. But I think you’re just hedging your bets by looking in logical places, as opposed to fishing for sharks in a fresh water pond, if you see what I’m saying.

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