What to Expect at a Brick and Mortar Casino

brick casinoMany players think that land-based gambling spots have become obsolete. However, this is far from the truth: in fact, many feel that the dynamic atmosphere of a land-based casino simply can’t be recreated online. Brick and mortar casinos offer you the chance to socialise, chat with your fellow players, order a drink and get involved in all the action, first hand.

Are you ready to step inside a land-based casino and experience the thrill for yourself? Here’s a handy list of what to expect on a traditional casino floor.

#1: Comps & Perks

Brick and mortar gambling joints offer plenty of perks to their members, including free or discounted offers at buffets, bars, cafés and hotels, plus exciting shows and live entertainment. Furthermore, casinos are almost always running great promotions, competitions and giveaways to keep the thrill of the establishment alive.

#2: Paying Tips to Cashiers

At an online casino, all of your deposits and withdrawals are streamlined using the latest payment technology. However, if you choose to play at a land-based casino, prepare yourself for paying a tip to your cashier instead.

Nowadays, most casinos use electronic membership cards that are accepted at slots and video poker machines, but for table games, you’ll have to exchange cash for chips. With that said, you’ll be able to withdraw your winnings instantly at a brick and mortar casino, so it all balances out!

#3: Unique Ambience

The hubbub of the gaming floor simply can’t be replaced. You’ll be able to hear, see and feel the entire experience in a whole new way: join live players at the gaming tables, chat to the person playing the slot machine next to you, or merely take it all in as you order a drink or visit the buffet.

Land-based casinos are a great place to mingle, socialise and enjoy live entertainment. Simply put, if you love being in the centre of the action, the land-based experience is definitely for you.

#4: A Smaller Range of Games

The nature of online casinos allows them to carry a massive selection of casino games. Unfortunately, land-based casinos have limited floor space, so the range of games on offer may be slightly less. With that said, you can still expect all the most popular variants to be there, including a variety of slot machines and blackjack, roulette, poker and craps tables.

#5: Different House Rules

As land-based casinos are public establishments, they may be privy to a few more rules. One general rule that most gambling joints impose is no smoking (unless you’re in a designated smokers’ lounge), for example.

Each casino will also have its own rules regarding general behaviour at the gaming tables. Your casino will have its rules displayed prominently, so check them out before you join in the fun!

#6: Distractions & Interruptions

There will always be loads of noise and chatter at a land-based casino. You’ll likely hear all kinds of things you wouldn’t when playing online, including slot machines, live shows and plenty of conversation.

This could be pleasant for you – or distract you from your next move! Some players love the liveliness and buzz of the casino floor, but it’s ultimately up to you…

#7: Extra Costs

In many ways, playing at a brick and mortar casino is pricier than playing online. You’ll need to shell out for transport, food, entertainment and perhaps even accommodation, if you plan to stay a while. Oh, and remember that you’ll also need money for casino games!

Land-based games may also pose higher minimum bet limits than online games do, so be sure to find gaming tables with limits that suit your budget before you begin playing.

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