Ernest Hemingway: Writer and Gambler

Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winning writer, Ernest Hemingway, was an adventurous literary genius well known for having written classics such as A Farewell to Arms, The Old Man and the Sea and For Whom the Bell Tolls. Ernest Hemingway’s love for, and ability to, write literary masterpieces came from his yearning to live large which ultimately extended to a love for gambling.

His interest in gambling began early on when Hemingway was a youth in his home town Oak Park, Illinois. He was a great admirer of Theodore Roosevelt who was an avid poker player. Hemingway and his friends played poker in secret as, in those days, poker playing was considered a sin in his small town. Some of the earliest works of Hemingway’s included stories about gamblers, boxers and soldiers. One notable story he wrote was about a poker game where the pigeon outsmarted the cheater.

He went on to join World War 1 as an ambulance driver. Shortly after he was injured and left the war. He relocated to Paris and fought as an amateur boxer which is where he began betting on fights. While living in Europe Hemingway became a frequent visitor at the races. Betting on the horses became a favourite pastime of Hemingway’s and he was known to bet big. His penchant for betting on the horses led him to having referred to horse racing as his “demanding friend” and once he gave up betting on horses he remarked that he was glad but he had felt an emptiness.

His frequent visits to Austria included participating in poker games at his hotel. While gambling was illegal, the poker games were held every night and he played against the hotel keeper; local police captain; a lawyer and a banker.

Ernest Hemingway fancied himself a very good poker player. He liked to live large and considered the measure of man more about the will to win than merely competitiveness. If Hemingway were alive today and as prolific at living large and gambling as he was, would he love online casino game playing as much.

The industry has grown tremendously, probably beyond Ernest Hemingway’s wildest dreams. It would be interesting to know which of Mummys Gold online casino games he would love to play, and if he would be just as good at playing our games as he proclaimed to be at poker.

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