Encouraging Responsible Gambling Online

Mummys Gold is a fully licenced casino platform, authorised by the Malta Gaming Authority. The MGA is committed to safety, privacy, and responsible online gaming and Mummys Gold has to adhere to certain policies and procedure in an effort to promote responsible gambling practices for players.

Dealing with Responsible Gaming 

Mummys Gold online casino recognises that online gaming is a fun activity for the majority of players, but that it can cause certain problems for a minority of players as well. In order to support the former and prevent the latter, Mummys Gold supports responsible online gaming and offers various support checks. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The NORC Diagnostic Screen for Gambling Disorders: This allows players to evaluate their gaming behaviour and identify whether they should modify these behaviours or seek additional support.
  • Verify Me Identity Checks: Verify Me is an international fraud prevention service that verifies the identity and age of new players. The Mummys Gold online casino platform uses Verify Me identity checks to verify all of their new players, both for the protection of the players and for the protection of the online casino platform itself. The system works on an algorithm that uses government-issued identity checks and web-based signatures.
  • Protection of minors: In addition to the Verify Me identity checks listed above, the Mummys Gold online casino platform also allows players to set up filtering software that allows them access but prohibits access to other computer users. Underage gaming is illegal and can result in gaming disorders. Mummys Gold also encourages parents to keep an eye on their children and not leave their computer unattended while the casino programme is open, as well as protect all their passwords, account numbers, and credit card details.

Player’s Responsibility 

While Mummys Gold has the above-listed features and recommendations, the platform also advises its players to keep an eye on their gaming activities. Recommendations include that:

  • Players should only play if it is their personal choice.
  • Players should set themselves a budget and limits and stick to these.
  • Players should not play if it interferes with their daily lives and responsibilities.
  • Players should not play if they are recovering addicts or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

These responsibilities do fall on the player, but there are measures in place to help any player who feels vulnerable, or unable to stop playing at any stage.

Getting Help 

In the case that the above-mentioned guidelines are not sufficient and players do find themselves concerned about their gaming activities, Mummy Gold also offers additional support.

Via Mummys Gold players can contact Gamblingtherapy or GamCare, which can provide support for those struggling with a gaming dependency. On a more platform-based level, Mummys Gold also allows players to self-exclude themselves from the casino platform for a set period of time at a minimum of six months by contacting support or to request a deposit limit per day, week, or month, which will be set by an operator on behalf of the player. Self-exclusion limits are a great way for players to ensure they do not develop compulsive gambling habits or develop an addiction, and Mummys Gold is more than happy to enforce these if requested.

It is in these ways that Mummys Gold online casino aims to ensure a positive gaming environment for their players, while still offering support to those who might need it.

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