Drake Finally Reveals Photos Of Son

Drake releases images of his child Source: Wikimedia

It was mid-2018 when the rumours about rapper Drake’s son were finally put to rest. The singer put the lines “I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world / I was hiding the world from my kid” in his song Emotionless. The world finally had confirmation that there was a child. The problem of who the child was and who the mother was were now the big focus of attention. At last, that too has been put to bed, and celeb watchers are as happy as though they’d hit the jackpot playing pokies.

Drake recently released a series of photos on his Instagram account, showing off toddler Adonis who is now two years old. He also posted a photo of himself, Adonis and mother Sophie Brussaux, showing the pair appearing to be in an amicable friendship and both quite lovingly looking after their young son. This is only the second time that the two parents have been seen in a picture together. The first being when they met and had a whirlwind romance back in 2017, which clearly resulted in the arrival of Adonis.

A Blue Eyed, Blonde Boy

It’s unclear as to why the rapper waited so long to firstly confirm the rumours about his son, and secondly, to show off pictures of the cute little boy. Adonis is like a classic little cherub, with big blue eyes and lots of blonde curls sitting on top of his head. In many ways, the boy takes after his paternal grandmother, Sandi. A picture of Drake’s parents also accompanies the series of photos posted.

This series of photos on Drake’s Instagram account were accompanied by a heartfelt caption with a message for his son. It’s about love and strength, and appears to have some warnings about dealing with the crazy life that fame brings. This father is clearly very protective over his son and his family. Drake also mentions that he misses his family and looks forward to the day when they can all be together again.

Sophie Brussaux and sonSource: Instagram

A Good Home In France

According to reports, Adonis has so far only lived with his mother in Paris. Sophie Brussaux is a well-known French painter, who allegedly used to work in the adult film industry. Her stage name was Rosee Divine, but the artist has put those days behind her. Brussaux is now a respected painter who enjoys painting portraits of famous people. Some of these include the likes of Beyoncé, Emma Watson, Barack Obama and Angelina Jolie. Her art focuses on pop-art and symbolism, while exploring social and cultural paradigms.

A look through Brussaux’s Instagram account shows a quiet, happy life in Paris for her and son, Adonis. She is also close to her parents, who have a hand in helping to raise the boy. According to reports, Drake does his best to see the two as often as possible. In 2018, when Adonis was just a small baby, Drake was on tour in Europe and would apparently travel to Paris as often as he could between shows. He even considered bringing his baby on the road with him, according to sources close to the tour.

Since heading back to North America, it has been a lot harder for Drake to see Adonis regularly. The rapper mainly lives in Toronto, Canada, where he is from. He also has a home in California that he spends a fair amount of time in. There is no record of Brussaux and Adonis travelling over to either of these homes to visit Drake.

But Why The Wait?

The lyrics in Emotionless show that the famous father was obviously grappling with how best to keep the child safe from the media and his fame. This sentiment is then echoed in the lengthy Instagram caption Drake wrote under the images of Adonis. Brussuax has also been very careful about posting images of the child on her social media platforms, hiding his face from the camera or covering it up with filters and edits. Speculation as to why the pair have decided to show Adonis’ face to the world now is rife. Many have pointed to the ending of the turbulent on-again-off-again affair between Drake and Rihanna as a prompt. Perhaps Drake didn’t want Brussaux or Adonis getting caught up in the rumours and the media hype of it all.

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