Discover the World of Dragon Shard

Dragon ShardSource: Microgaming

Powerful heroes and fearsome dragons clash in the battle for the legendary Dragon Shard and now you’re joining in on the action. This all-powerful artefact grants its holder the power to control the elements and has long been sought after by the inhabitants of this mythical realm. The Fire Queen and the Ice King have been waging a war for it since time immemorial, so you’ll need perseverance, strength, strategy and, at times, luck to beat the odds and become the master of the elements!

Created by Stormcraft Studios, Dragon Shard adds new features to the tried-and-tested Fortunium engine, which is responsible for the hugely popular Win BoosterTM side bet system. These innovative additions, plus the addictive soundtrack, engaging storyline and stunning graphics, bring a new dimension to the online casinos Ireland has to offer. The game is expected to be released on the 29th of May 2019, so get ready for the battle to begin.

Reeling in Your Winnings

With war raging all around you, you’ll need a perfect strategy to capture the Dragon Shard and defeat the forces of the Fire Queen and Ice King. This five-reel slot game has forty fixed paylines, which run from left to right. Match fire and ice dragons, low-end symbols and the dragon shard itself to rack up major winnings that see your jackpot totals soar and get one step closer to your ultimate goal.

The game features the Win BoosterTM feature, which makes it easier than ever before to win big. Activate this and you can flip the game on its head, allowing you to win on paylines that run from left to right and right to left! That doubles your chance of landing a match and helps enormously as you progress on your arduous adventure. The boost system also increases the total bet and ensures that mystery symbols will only reveal wilds or high symbols (fire and ice dragons and the dragon shard). Only the highest win is awarded for each line.

The Mystery of the Dragon Shard

Mystery abounds in a world where the elements are at war and dragons soar above the battlefield. This is reflected in the game’s mystery symbols, which can be opened to reveal a random low, high or wild symbol. Not only does this add to your chance of completing a line and winning, but it also adds an element of suspense as you wait to discover whether your gamble has paid off.

Take a Free Spin

With the ever-present danger of the Fire Queen and Ice King looming, players deserve a reward for their bravery. That’s where Dragon Shard’s incredible Mystery Reels™ feature comes in!

Landing three scatters anywhere on the reels affords you ten free spins, which means ten chances of increasing your winnings without any risk to your purse. These risk-free spins aren’t just your regular turns of the wheel though; when you take a free spin, one of reel two, three or four will be a Mystery Reel™, which contains a mystery symbol. These cover a randomly selected low, high or wild symbol, so you might just find exactly the symbol you need to complete your line and add to your pot.

If your free spin was triggered by finding three scatters, one of the reels will be a Mystery Reel™. If it was triggered by four scatters, you will have two Mystery Reels™ and double the chance of finding the perfect symbol for your combo. Similarly, if you unlock your free spin by finding five scatters, three Mystery Reels™ will be available.

The Ultimate Victory

In the end, though, the prize everyone is after is the Dragon Shard. If luck is on your side, and you fight valiantly, you’ll have the chance to win big and become the holder of this endlessly powerful item. That’s not the only reward on offer for your bravery though.

The default bet for Dragon Shard is 1.60, which pays out up to 1,280.00 if you’re successful. If you hold steady and bet bigger, you stand to reap greater benefits, all the way up to the maximum jackpot: a whopping 160,000.00! Players can choose how much to risk based on what they win, but courage is rewarded in the fight for the Dragon Shard. Have faith, fight hard and become the ultimate master of the elements and you’ll obtain riches worthy of a true hero.

Start the Search for the Shard

Now that you’ve discovered the legend of the Dragon Shard, it’s time to set out on your quest. Log in or create an account and soon you’ll be ready to take on dragons, kings, queens and warriors, on your quest to harness the power of the elements themselves!

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