Differences In Land Based and Online Keno

MummysGold KenoKeno is a lottery style game that has had a long tradition. It is still as popular today as it was hundreds of years ago in its original form and since it has been developed for online play, it is set to keep growing in popularity.

It is similar to how the lottery is played but despite the simple game play, there are big differences between playing Keno online and at a brick and mortar establishment.

Origins In China

Keno can trace its origins all the way back to ancient China where the game would be hosted in major cities and the result of the ticket draw was flown to neighbouring villages by carrier pigeon.

The game quickly gained popularity in the pacific region as Chinese sailors spread the game from port to port. Soon Chinese labourers took the game to America where it found a home in Texas and to this very day remains very popular there.

How To Play The Game

Keno requires the player to pick a series of numbers from an 80 number pool. You can pick up to 15 numbers, but the more numbers you draw the lower the payout odds.

When it comes to payouts, online casinos generally pay out at much higher rates than land based Keno games.

Additionally the odds you receive in online Keno games are quite a bit higher than in land based Keno.  You can pick any of the 80 numbers on the board.

There are many strategies people claim to use, for instance only picking sequential numbers or always picking even or odd numbers, but there is no real way to accurately predict which numbers will appear.

The Main Differences

There are a few main differences between online and land based casinos that aren’t immediately apparent. Firstly in a land based Keno game there are ticket purchases, you need a physical Keno card, pen or pencil and of course, a venue.

Another big aspect of Keno is the social aspect of the game, just like with Bingo. A draw of Keno is the fact that people with similar interests can get together and enjoy some real money Keno fun.

Online Keno on the other hand does not require any additional peripherals. You don’t need a pen or paper when you have your smartphone or your computer.

The games can also run much faster since there are no physical elements. This can be a double edged sword as, sure you can play more games, but at the same time you should also stick to your bankroll very closely, because it is easy to lose track when you are playing so many games at once.

Online Keno Benefits

You cannot really talk about land based and online Keno without bringing up the convenience factor of online Keno. As we have said the game is played much faster online, but you also won’t have to leave your home to play it.

Today you can play online Keno on your computer or any Internet enabled mobile device. This means that whenever you feel like playing real money Keno, you can.

For most people this means they won’t have to spend long hours at land-based casinos playing Keno just to feel the effort they have made to get to the menu was worth it.

You can quickly dip into a game or two and get on with your day, or make yourself comfortable on your chair and have an all-nighter.

The Bonus Offers

Another major draw to online Keno is the great bonus offers that you will find at online casinos that host Keno. These offers will not be found at land based Keno games, with the exception of loyalty card programs.

Bonus offers do come with terms and conditions however. Generally speaking these usually require a player to have made wagers with their own money before they can withdraw the bonus cash they have received.

Added Online Security

Online Keno has the additional benefit of offering players security and safety. The convenience provided by online Keno doesn’t have to come at the price of this security.

Online casinos that offer you real money Keno action have to be certified by an international gaming authority like the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission. These bodies only grant operating licences to organisations that conduct their business in a legal manner.

This is the first level of security. If you have any unsavoury experiences with a casino you can simply report them to the relevant commission.

The second level of security can be found in third party audits. A casino can hire an independent company to test and confirm the randomness in their gaming software. This ensures a fair game of Keno, every time.

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