Don’t Burn Out, Work Out!

Stay focused and on top of your gameSource: Pixabay

Working out takes time but not everybody can dedicate a specific time slot for exercise. Working 40 hours a week or more, commuting, helping with homework or housework – by the end of the day, you can be forgiven if you’d rather chill out at your favorite online casino than hit the gym. The problem is, exercise is really important to keep you healthy and unstressed. Exercise will improve your time management skills, focus and mental agility – not only at work, but also when you’re gaming too. The good news is that there are some very effective exercises you can do without leaving your desk – perfect for working and gaming!

Show a leg

Leg raises exercise your legs and abdomen. Just sit up straight in your chair and straighten your left leg. When it’s parallel to the floor, hold it there and count to ten. Then do the same thing with your other leg. Do 15 sets of repetitions. You can build up additional strength by weighting your legs down by putting something like your briefcase or laptop on your legs while you raise them. To strengthen your core, you can do hovering leg raises. Sit upright in your chair as before but raise both legs. When they are parallel to the floor, lower them until they’re just an inch or two above the ground. Keep them “hovering” like this for as long as you can – and release!

Fancy footwork

To get your heart rate up without breaking into an inconvenient sweat, tap your feet quickly on the ground while you’re sitting in your chair like you’re jogging on the spot. Keep it up for 30 seconds, pause, and repeat for 30 seconds. Try do it every once in a while for your cardiovascular health.

To raise your heart rate and release some stress, try shadow boxing while you’re sitting down. Put up your dukes in front of your face – then punch like you’re aiming at a punching bag. Left hook, right hook – keep punching for 30 seconds, pause, and repeat the routine. Be sure not to sit too close to your screen while shadow boxing.

Keeping fitSource: Pixabay

Abs and core

If you have a swivel chair, you can use it for a fun ab workout – core oblique abdominals, to be specific. Sit up straight in the chair, lift your feet off the ground and, holding onto the desk using just your fingers, swivel the chair back and forth!  Your abs and core should be doing the work, not your hands or arms. Aim to do three sets of 15 repetitions.

For chair dips, you definitely don’t want to use a swivel chair. Instead, pick a chair that will stay in place. Sit down right on the front edge and put your legs out in front of you. Put your hands on your hips with your fingers pointing at your desk, then use both hands to grasp the edges of the chair and raise your body up! And down. And repeat – 15 repetitions, times 3. Your core and your arms will be doing the work here.


If you do have to get up from your desk – maybe to make coffee – you can still use the time to exercise. To do the leaning plank exercise, step away from the wall for at least a foot and lean forward, supporting yourself with your forearms only. Hold the position for as long as you can! Alternatively, set yourself up in the leaning position and lower yourself. When your shoulders are almost touching the wall, push your body back up! Aim to do this 15 times.

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