Credit Cards and Online Casinos

There’s an awful lot that goes into deciding on an online or mobile casino. You need to be happy with the games on offer, the software that is used, the bonuses that are delivered, and more. One of the most important factors for many people, and rightly so, is the banking systems that are available. You need to choose a method that you are completely happy with, and if it is not offered by a casino it’s often enough to make players look elsewhere.

If you know that your personal information and your funds are safe, it’s a lot easier to focus on the casino games at hand. This will help you to win more money and to have more fun, so it’s little wonder that so much importance is placed on choosing the right system for you. It’s advisable to research as many possibilities as possible, and how well they work with online casinos, before you make your final selection. One of the most common methods, and a very good place to start your investigations, is credit cards.

A Long Legacy

Credit cards have been used for electronic purchases in the offline arena for many years, and they were among the earliest options for online transactions too. Visa and MasterCard are the most common at online casinos, but you will find other options too, often more region-specific.

Since most people already have credit cards there is nothing new to set up with the online casino of your choice, which is another advantage. All you need to do is make your way to their cashier interface and follow some simple prompts. Of course, if you don’t have a credit card set up already and you need to do this you’ll have to undergo a credit check, which can put some people off.

Very Quick and Easy Deposits

With your credit card account set up, however, moving money from it and into your casino account is very simple. Just select the banking interface tab at your casino of choice, and choose the credit card option and then the specific card you hold. The first time you do this at a new casino you’ll need to put in all your personal details too, but after this they will be magically completed by AutoFill to make things even faster. Once you’ve put in your information, enter in the amount that you want to transfer and, as long as there are funds in your account, you’ll be ready to go! Credit cards are still among the fastest deposit methods available at online casinos.

Smooth Withdrawals

There’s generally a slightly longer wait when you want to cash out and make a withdrawal with your credit card than when you want to make a deposit, because a few security checks need to be done to protect you and the casino. It can, however, take as little as 24 hours and is actually one of the quickest cash-out processes at online casinos too.

The actual procedure of making a withdrawal is essentially the same as making a deposit; you go back to cashier interface, choose the Deposit option and then your specific credit card, and say how much you want to take out. Once your account has been verified through security checks, your money will be transferred to you.

Security Issues

While it’s true that credit card holders have been the targets of fraud and identity theft, you can rest assured that credit card companies and online casinos both take these issues very seriously. Over the years better measures have been put in place, and now most online casinos encrypt every credit card transaction with the latest SSL technology.

This SSL encryption is considered the gold standard in online finance, and many studies show that your funds are more protected this way than if they had never been online in the first place! Most credit card companies use their own firewalls and other internal security measures too, so you can be extra sure that you’re protected.

Other Advantages

As well as being quick, secure and economical to use, with low fees and sometimes no fees attached to transactions, credit cards also have the perk of being a very widespread transaction method. Almost every online casino that you’ll ever want to play at will offer this method of making deposits and withdrawals, so you’ll never have to miss out on a playing destination that you’re interested in.

You can sometimes also make money using credit cards; casinos can benefit more if you use this method too so they’ll offer extra bonuses and rewards for doing so. All in all it’s nothing but a winning situation, and one well worth considering when playing online, if you already have a credit card or if it would be easy for you to get one.

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