Countries With Biggest Online Casino Economies

Ever stop and just think about how big the online casino industry is getting? You don’t? Well, I do. Given how insanely rapidly it’s growing, I sometimes picture it in my head as a sort of movie special effect. I see the Earth from space, and imagine online casino influence spreading across the continents as a network of glowing dots.

The question I ask, though, is which continents would have the most tightly grouped, 10brightest glowing webs of dots? Which is to say; which countries have the biggest online casino industries in the world? Let’s take a look. Although, I warn you in advance, much of the research I did involved me having to try and understand online gambling laws in many different countries. And this, I can tell you right now, was no small task.


Australia has the biggest gambling economy in the world, so much so that it puts the rest of the world to shame. That’s right, if you take a slot game, or pokies game as it’s known down under, and put it in front of an Aussie, they will play that thing until it collapses from exhaustion and cries out for mercy. I joke, yes, but to put it in perspective, the amount that the average Australian spends on gambling per year is almost double that of the next highest country, which is Singapore. Let that sink in.

But what about online gambling in Australia? Well, it turns out that online gambling rules in Australia are a bit up in the air, and they’ve recently instituted new bans. As far as I understand, it is illegal for websites to offer gambling services to Australians, but not for Australians to take part in these services, technically speaking. It is, however, legal for Australians to place bets on non-live services, such as sports betting.

Confused? Well, so am I. The point is, however, that as far as I can tell Australia is the world king of gambling, and I sort of get the impression that this applies to online casino games as well, at least to some extent.


Next on my list is Singapore, already mentioned. No, the locals in Singapore may not have the mad casino game lust of the Aussies, but are pretty impressively into their casino games never the less. It is, however, another country that I had to do some digging in order to get an understanding of the online gambling laws. Online gambling was illegal in Singapore for some time, but the rules changed only recently. It seems that online gambling is now legal in Singapore, but only if provided by a local source.

Either way, Singapore has an enormous gambling industry in both real world and online form. And, as you can imagine, this economy is only growing bigger.


Yet another country that required a bit of research. Online gambling is completely legal in Ireland, after a few tweaks were made to relevant laws. It seems that since online operators outside off Ireland offering online gambling services were beyond having to pay Irish tax, in a legal loophole. This was amended, however, and online gambling is no 100% legal, from online casino sources both locally and abroad.

And, in case it wasn’t already obvious, the Irish love some gambling. Sports betting is especially big with the Irish, which comes as no surprise given how passionate the Irish people are about sports.

Have I mentioned, completely off topic, how much I love the Irish accent? I’ve tried to adopt one on multiple occasions, and just can’t seem to pull it off. Many a pretty Colleen has fled my charming (fake) Irish brogue…

The United States

I like the American accent a great deal less, and haven’t tried to adopt it at all. Well, except when I was a child and loved American action films, of course. But it was impossible to pretend to be a ninja and not have an American accent back in the 80s.

Now, given what I’ve been saying about gambling laws so far, you’ll be thrilled to know that the United States is just about the most confusing country in the world to understand, as far as online gambling laws are concerned. Each state has it’s own laws, and trying to get a grasp of these individual laws, and how they differ from the laws of other states, is an act in pure brain frying insanity.

What I can say is that online gambling is legal is some states, and other states more than some other states, but it’s completely illegal in yet other states. Either way, not having the patience to get to the bottom of it all, what I can say is that parts of the Untied States have booming online casino economies.

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