Cool Retro Casino Technology

There is something fascinating about looking at retro technology; it’s almost like peering through a window into years gone by. The device, whatever it may be, shows what designers and developers were thinking at that time. Keep in mind that old technology is almost always created to appear futuristic, which is a reflection of what people thought of as future technology back in the day.

What shapes or angles were appealing back then and looked like they belonged in a time yet to come? What design appeared as if it could’ve been stolen from the future, our future? Let’s take a look at some cool retro technology to find out.

Retro Slot Games

Retro slot games are amazing, not in the least because the earliest versions show an enormous amount of detail and effort squeezed into every nook and cranny. This first wave of slot games can be found in museums and it’s little wonder why. The mechanical devices made use of complicated and intricate technology, each one a little masterpiece of artisanship.

And it’s not only the interior that is impressive, the exterior of early slot games are just as remarkable. Enormous attention was given to the machine’s aesthetic beauty, and one could get lost for hours simply staring at the beautiful swirling designs, created from shiny, polished metal.

Of course, it’s not likely that lovers of old technology will get their hands on any of the first slot games invented, since they are valuable antiques which sell for great deals of cash. Taking a trip to the museum is probably the only way of seeing one up close.

Retro Roulette Wheels

Slot games have changed a great deal over the decades, transforming from mechanical wonders into digital consoles. Roulette wheels, on the other hand, are mostly the same as they were when first invented, centuries ago. Sure, tweaks have been made to the designs, but at their core, a roulette wheel from the 1700s is much like a roulette wheel of today – with one major difference.

Early roulette wheels were all made by hand, with each aspect the creation of a master artisan. Of course, the devices were required to be identical in performance, given the nature of the game. Beyond this, each design carried the personal touch of its creator. Hence, old roulette wheels can often be beautiful, luxurious devices, generally made from wood.

Old roulette wheels are also often expensive antiques, and some appear in museums across the world too. Given how many roulette wheels were made throughout history, however, some can still be purchased and displayed by collectors, granted they can be located.

Old Casino Chips

Each casino must have its own design for chips due to the nature of the industry. A player must not be able to take chips from one casino and use it in another, as this would destroy the economy of casinos. This means that every casino in history has had to have its own unique chips designed, which means that there are a great many designs out there. The amazing thing about old casino chips is that they had to be created – and decorated – entirely by hand.

Given that there were so many chips in each casino, the designs had to be kept relatively simple, or else the creation of each chip would take too long. But, the design also had to be engrained into the chip, to avoid it simply being washed away or painted over. This resulted in old casino chips that are mesmerising to look at, showing incredible minimalist detail.

The most common method for creating such chips was to stamp designs into wood, some metals or other soft substances. Many of the designs are stunning to look at, as they are a result of passion-driven technology from the past. There are tens of thousands of old casino chips in existence, many of which are collected by fans of retro designs and technology.

Retro Playing Cards

The oldest playing cards were painted by hand, using immaculate, hypnotic designs. One can only imagine how much work went into creating playing cards in this fashion. Sadly, the vast majority of these early playing cards were lost or destroyed with use. Some do still exist, however, but are coveted by collectors and worth small fortunes.

Only later did playing cards become mass-produced, using stamps and presses, but the earliest version still showed incredible attention to detail. Traditionally, the Ace of Spades was still painted by hand in many cases, and it is this card in particular that most collectors seek out. Some designs are astonishing in their detail and must have taken skilled artists a great deal of time to produce.

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