10 Ideas for Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Traditional Christmas tree decorations Source: Pixabay

Maybe you’ve already developed your own holiday decorating style, or perhaps you’re still exploring your option and seeing what’s out there? You’ll be happy to hear that there are as many ways to create a beautiful Christmas tree theme as there are games at respected mobile casinos, and the best of these are much simpler to pull off than you may think.

Don’t go overboard trying to impress your in-laws, acquaintances, and extended family! You can put something really wonderful together inexpensively, whatever kind of tree you’ve chosen. And, as stunning as matching everything in perfectly complementary colours is, it’s not worth it if it becomes too much of a chore to set up. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, after all, and having fun and relaxing should be as high up on your To-Do List as anything else is.

Give yourself permission to think outside the box when it comes to choosing a look for your Christmas tree, and remember that this holiday centrepiece is all about gratitude, love, and togetherness.

1. Classically Christmas

The classic Christmas tree is usually an evergreen conifer like fir, pine, or spruce. Going this route with your decoration will see you bringing out the natural beauty of the tree, and vintage ornaments are always an ideal match. Explore vintage toppers like angel decorations, and garlands and ornaments in red and green create a gorgeous setting.

You could even add something offbeat, like a gingerbread house, to add an element of the unexpected.

2. Lovely Lighting

There’s something to be said about the old-fashioned charm enormous lit candles lend to a scene, but keep your fire hazards to a minimum! Using electric candlelights instead of the real thing gives the exact same effect with no risk of damage or danger.

If you’re trimming a Douglas Fir, consider using homemade ornaments rather than store-bought ones. You can create citrus ornaments with oranges and star anise and pair them with twinkling fairy lights for a snug, homely effect on your room.

3. Muted Colour Magic

Using muted colours to complement your evergreens is incredibly chic. A palette of greys and creams bring soft shades together to create a restful, neutral visual experience. 

4. Pretty Pom Poms

Pom poms are super cute ornaments that give proceedings a Whoville-vibe. Channel your inner Dr Seuss with these decorations, which are incredibly easy to make yourself, and something the whole family can get involved in. Collect pictures to sort your ideas out and unify them, and you’ll be surprised at how easy making your space magazine spread-worthy can be.

5. Awesome Ombre

This look is inspired by the insanely popular hair colour trend of gradually blending one hue into another, usually moving shades from light to dark. Creating an ombre tree is easier than it looks! Simply arrange your existing ornaments by gradations of colour to create this beautiful rainbow effect.

Pick a minimum of four colours to use for your design, including white. Choose a base colour, and then pick out different shades of that colour, including white, light, medium, and dark.

Pink and white Christmas tree trimmings Source: Pixabay

6. Wonderful White Christmas

If you’re passionate about the world’s favourite colour palette when it comes to Christmas, embrace it. You could go so far as skipping the ornament-filled tree altogether and showcasing a simple white frosted tree with an unfussy garland instead.

Of course, there’s a lot of room for interpretation within this idea, as you can pair any colour you can think of with white and come out with a winning look. You could even go with black, something you wouldn’t necessarily think of when it comes to Yuletide. It looks incredible when paired with gold and white.

7. Cute Candy Décor

What about skipping traditional decorations altogether and ornamenting your tree with cookies, gumdrops, ribbon candy and other old-fashioned sweet treats that people can snack on right off the tree? Using a vintage candy box or cookie tin from days gone by for a small Christmas tree is also an adorable idea.

8. Revel In The Rustic

Check out the effect of a tree skirt made from galvanised metal, ornaments fashioned from milk bottle caps, and a metal topper against a wooden background. Experiment with plaid and burlap decorations to create a little country flair in the comfort of your own home.

9. Perfectly Pink

Thinking pink instead of red when it comes to your Christmas tree can be pretty groundbreaking if done right. It’s a fresh, pretty idea that comes together pretty quickly and can really brighten up the room.

You could even decorate with doughnuts covered in pink icing. Think rich, raspberry ribbons and soft pink petals and you’ve got the right idea.

10. Scandi Stays in Style

When in doubt, Scandinavian-style Christmas displays are always a treat. It’s an aesthetic as gorgeous as it is minimalist, and you won’t have to compromise on the cosiness. You can decorate your tree with little Dala horses, homemade rustic ornaments, and garlands and berries and embrace a truly traditional aesthetic.

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