Casino Games On A Smart Phone

Casino Games On A Smart PhoneCasino games are now freely available online, with anyone who owns at least some sort of device capable of connecting to the internet able to play. The question many are asking now is; just how good are casino games on a modern smart phone? After all, isn’t it better to just play on a laptop or home computer? Home computers have bigger screens and the benefit of a mouse, so isn’t it the obvious better choice? Let’s discuss this a bit before we jump to any conclusions.

In some cases a home computer will offer a better experience for an online casino game. The screen is indeed bigger, which avoids eye strain, and a mouse certainly is a convenient way to interact with a casino game. But don’t for a second think that a smart phone is not a viable platform on which to play a few online slot games, or whichever other casino game you prefer. Most online casino games these days have been specifically optimised for smart phones, so the experience is not just a good one, but in many cases a great one.

Touch Screen Functionality

No one is going to argue that some smart phone games don’t exactly work well with a touch screen. Touch screens are convenient for a number of reasons, but not where having to perform precise actions very quickly are concerned, such as a fighting game. This is generally a recipe for frustration and possible hair pulling. In the case of casino games, however, a great deal of time and effort has been taken to make sure the games work smoothly, even with a touch screen.

A “what you see is what you get” approach has been taken in most cases, which means that if you want to add chips to a standing bet, for example, you need simply tap your on-screen chips to make it happen. The same with placing chips on a certain betting option in roulette; just tap the bet you want, and chips appear on that betting option. To raise or lower the bet amount, simply tap the up and down arrows. It all works very well, with little room to get confused or frustrated.

One thing that should be pointed out, however, is that a bigger smart phone screen is always better. Most modern smart phones have a pretty big screen, which simply means more room for your finger to tap a specific region. A smart phone with a smaller screen might feel a little tight and constrained, but will still operate the game perfectly well. If it’s a choice, however, go for the biggest screen possible.


Casino games don’t exactly require an enormous amount of data to be transferred, but internet connectivity is certainly still a fixed requirement. Modern smart phones go up to 4G speeds, which are blisteringly fast, but a 3G connection will still do just fine. Below 3G, however, will still work, but the user may notice that things aren’t going as fast as they should.

Don’t fret, though, there are few smart phones that still use below 3G speeds. Just look up at the top of your screen and see if a 3G symbol is being displayed by your signal indicator.

One thing to definitely keep in mind, however, is that bad signal can be a casino game killer. If your phone struggles to get reception in the middle of a game, it can cause some pretty serious and annoying issues. Make sure that your phone signal is strong before starting a game. Or, better yet, connect to a stable WiFi connection. WiFi generally always provides a stronger signal, so it’s your best bet as far as playing casino games on a phone is concerned.

Battery Power

It’s also probably a pretty good idea to ensure that your battery is also charged, while we’re on the subject of annoying interruptions. What could be worse than getting a killer hand in a game of poker, only for your phone to shut down because you’re low on battery power? The idea alone is almost enough to make us scream in rage.

Conclusion? Charge your phone before you start playing, it’s as easy as that. The casino can’t be held responsible if you didn’t charge your phone, and lose a bet that was already on the table due to an unexpected phone shut down.

Keep in mind that your battery will likely also run down faster if it is in constant use. Casino games use the screen, and also use the internet connection, and this can drain the battery at a steady pace. Keep an eye on your battery level, and don’t start a new game if it looks like the battery is hitting the red zone. Yes, it may interrupt you winning streak, which nobody likes, but better that than losing a bet you put down because you weren’t able to play your hand.

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