Casino Game Variations By Region

There are many versions of favourite casino games, with some differences that fundamentally change the core of the game itself. Many of these differences are specific to certain regions and countries, and it is interesting to note the changes that have been made to suit the tastes of a certain culture. Poker, for example, has a number of different versions, all of which use the same principle rules, but with play styles varying so massively as to change the game almost completely. Let’s take a look at some of the differences in casino games based on region.


In the United States and many other parts of the world Texas Hold’em poker has become the standard way to play poker. Texas Hold’Em is similar to five card or seven card stud in many ways, but for the difference that community cards are used, and players are dealt only two cards in their hand. The player must make the best poker hand possible using the community cards as part of their hand. One of the main reasons that Texas Hold’Em was adopted is that it has a much faster turn around time than more traditional versions. This provides a faster, more exciting game play experience for players, and benefits casinos in that faster games mean faster earnings.

Pai Gow Poker is far more popular in China than other parts of the world. It is essentially an adaptation of an ancient Chinese game that was previously played with dominoes. The modernisation of the game, adapting it to be played with cards, made it a perfect version for the Chinese people. The rules of the game are not that similar to other forms of poker, but the same scoring system is used. Although, in China, the other forms of poker are still available, many casino goers gravitate to the Pai Gow version, which is only available in certain casinos in the United States and other parts of the world.


The versions of roulette available are an interesting phenomenon. When roulette was first adopted by the United States, casino owners added a second zero pocket to the wheel. The only reason for this was that it gave the house a greater advantage over players, and so can really only be said to be a bit of a greedy and sneaky move. This American version of roulette was the only one available in the States for some time, and was widely accepted, being that players didn’t know another version existed.

Later it became more commonly known that the European version of roulette had only one zero pocket on the wheel, and United States players were less than impressed. Calls to have the European version available in the States soon became overwhelming, and casinos soon started offering the more generous European version. The roulette wheel with two zero pockets is still widely referred to as the American version, since no other country ever tried to add an extra zero pocket. Both the French and European versions of this casino classic have the same house edge, but the American game’s is almost double, making European the world’s favourite.


There are a huge variety of baccarat games, so many, in fact, that it can get difficult to keep track of all of them. The most commonly played in the United States and United Kingdom, is referred to as Punto Banco. This directly translates to player, punto, and banker, banco, and is the most likely version to be offered at online casinos. There are, however, multiple versions of punto banco available, with some versions specific only to certain casinos, while others are available upon request. Some of the versions are mini banco, midi banco, super 6, punto 2000, and EZ baccarat. The versions are generally fairly simple and small changes to the basic games rules.

Chemin de fer is the original version of baccarat, and still remains the most popularly played in France, where the game originated. It is only different to punto banco in a few small, key ways, but many French players insist on this version of the game before any other. At online casinos in France chemin de fer will be offered first and foremost, but the punto banco version will still be available.

It is very interesting to note the connection between James Bond and the game of baccarat. In the original books written by Ian Fleming, Bond was an avid high stake baccarat player. In the original version of Casino Royale it was in fact baccarat that Bond played, and not poker as in the more recent versions. The version of baccarat played in the book was, however, the chemin de fer version, and not punto banco, as is more commonly played in the United Kingdom today. This gives some insight into how baccarat has evolved in the UK, and the world at large, given that baccarat was replaced by poker.

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