Brazil’s Most Popular Casino Games

Brazil, South America’s largest country, has a huge population filled with avid sports bettors, bingo fans, lottery lovers and casino game enthusiasts. The thrill of winning real money through enjoyment is a major appeal for Brazilians who know how to have fun.

Controversy has surround the legal aspects of gambling in Brazil, but there are ways in which players can enjoy legal casino games at their leisure.

Many players in Brazil prefer the trust they put in authenticity such as live dealer games and land-based games, but that does not mean Brazilians can’t frequent the top online casinos in the world, such as Mummys Gold. RNG games are also very popular, and sites that are trusted and reputable really pull in the crowds.

However, it is very clear that the more popular types of casino games in Brazil are those that are games of chance, rather than the highly skilled table games such as poker and blackjack.

Games of Chance

While many Brazilians feel the need to stick to free casino games and not risk real money, there is a major attraction to real money games of chance. These can be anything from slots to bingo. Bingo halls are rife throughout the country and online bingo is a major hit.

What makes games of chance so popular to Brazilians is the fact that they need to utilise a lot of skill. There are ways in which players can create better winning potential, but these games really are fun and simple for all.

The huge variance in betting options and range of skills levels makes these games popular for all types of budgets and players. Brazilians with lower budgets will find ample options to play and can still win big while betting small.

The Attraction to Roulette

Roulette at land-based venues is very popular in Brazil and many enjoy regular games of roulette online too. The attraction to roulette lies in the fact that the game is largely a game of chance, but has the added exciting challenge of requiring skill or strategy to its betting options.

This is a great attraction for players looking for more of a challenge to the usual games of chance, as betting strategy is a major influence when it comes to winning in roulette. The betting options are diverse with different odds of winning, and depending on the odds, the payouts increase or decrease dramatically.

Other Popular Games

Sports betting is also extremely popular in Brazil and includes betting on anything from soccer to horse racing. With the country having such a successful soccer team, it is no wonder that bettors like to support their own while winning big.

Horse racing betting is very popular and is one of the most traditional ways for bettors to win. Punters flock to the racetracks to wager on horses, or opt for online betting sites to make sure they don’t miss out on backing a winner.

Since the 1880s lotteries have swept through Brazil. Over the years, the number of lotteries have increased tremendously. Each state in Brazil has the legal right and obligation to regulate the lotteries within each state. There are also multiple federal lotteries available.

A large portion of the money collected from the lotteries is given to the federal government, who distribute it between education, health, culture, sport and security sectors.

Jogo do Bicho was a game developed by a Rio baron in 1892. The baron owned a zoo and came up with the game, in which players bet on numbers representing certain animals. Named the game of animal, Jogo do Bicho was originally created for visitors of the zoo, but today is played all across Brazil!

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