Next-level Workouts

Put some steel into your coreSource: Flickr

So, you got the memo that your game isn’t going to improve if you don’t do any exercise. Why not take things to the next level? You’ll have to take a break from the pokies and get up from your desk, but you still won’t have to go to the gym. The fact is that you only need a very small space to do some very effective workouts. A wall, a door, a resistance band and a floor are all that you will need to get results – that, and some mental discipline. But you’ve got that covered, right? Let’s work out!

Off the wall

Anywhere there’s a wall, you can do simple, effective wall squats! Just put your back up against the wall and slide down. Keep going until your hips, knees and ankles are perpendicular to the floor. Hold it until you can’t hold it anywhere, then take a ten-second breather. It might be painful at first but aim to do four or five squats at a time.

Another way to leverage the existence of your wall is to use it for push-ups. Face the wall at a bit further than arm’s length. Lean forward and put your palms flat at the level of your shoulders. Breathing in slowly and keeping your feet flat, bend your elbows and lower your torso toward the wall. Don’t rush it! Control the motion. Hold for a second, breathe out and push back, straightening your arms. Do two sets of 10 to 15 repetitions.  Your arms, shoulders, and chests will thank you!

Knees up, kick butt

To get your heart rate up inside a small space, just pick up your knees – fast and repeatedly. It’s as easy as lifting your knees above your hips while you jog on the spot. To inject a little added value to this elegantly simple routine, put your hands out straight palms down and try hit them with your kneecaps! Another way to get the heartbeat up is to lock your arms at 90 degrees and pump them.   Three to five 30-second sets with 20 seconds of rest in between should do you good.

The only equipment gamers need to achieve a sleek physiqueSource: Flickr

To literally kick your butt into shape, try this variation. Instead of pushing up with your knees, kick your heels onto your butt! Again, do three to five sets of 30 seconds, with 20 seconds’ rest in between each set.

For both of these routines, it’s a good idea to land on the balls of your feet instead of your heels. Thumping your heels can cause repetitive strain.

Chest muscle, core strength

All you need to bulk up your chest muscle is a resistance band and a door. First you lock the resistance band to the door. Facing away from the door with one side of the band in each hand. Point your toes straight ahead and bend your knees a bit. Then engage your core muscles. Keeping your upper arms parallel to the ground, bend your arms at 90 degrees. Push your arms forward to straighten them out. If you can do this 15 times, you’re doing well! To build core strength, simply lie face down on the ground and pretend you’re a caped superhero from the Planet Krypton gifted with the power of flight. Yep, “supermans” are all it takes – lie on your belly and lift your arms and legs in the air. Try to keep your legs straight the whole time. Your glutes and lower back muscles will lift you higher if you squeeze them. Feels like flying! Hold it there for 30 seconds before collapsing, ah, lowering yourself back down onto the ground. Three repetitions with ten seconds of rest in between everyday will have you looking like a Man or Woman of Steel in no time at all.

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