Biggest Online Casino Companies Globally

It’s no secret that online casinos are big business, and there is hardly a day that goes by without a new contestant entering the arena. What’s most interesting, however, is that online gambling is a relatively new market, yet major global giants have already been established, worth multiple billions. It should be kept in mind that the film industry, for example, is a century old, yet some online casino companies are already rivalling major film producers in terms of value, and the online arena only opened its virtual doors in 1994!

But which are the biggest online casino companies in the world, and just how have they gone about earning such enormous value, over such a compositely short period of time? Microgaming is well known as the industry leader in online casino software, so lets look at other major players who are dominating in the online casino world.

William Hill

William Hill is not an unknown name, and in fact has been around since the 1930s. They are a highly respected bookmaking company, and have decades of experience in the industry. Few were surprised that William Hill went online, and even fewer surprised that they quickly dominated the European online casino and betting market. Few other outcomes were possible, especially given the incredible amount expertise held by the company.

William Hill is currently estimated to have a value of somewhere around $5.17 billion, and this number is only set to increase as the behemoth company further entrenches itself into the online market. As far as online casino companies go, William Hill is the biggest giant on the scene.

Paddy Power

Another incredibly well known global company, Paddy Power is almost as much of a giant in the industry as William Hill. Based in Ireland, the company aggressively expanded its land-based offices in the 1980s and 1990s. Giving them a perfect platform to tackle the online world. Today the company is second only to William Hill, but has suggested it intends on toppling the current king sooner rather than later.

Paddy Power is also known for its often offensive and outrageous marketing campaigns, which it holds as a mark of pride, as opposed to reason for being ashamed. Either way, Paddy Power is known for providing exceptional online service, and is rapidly gaining new customers on a daily basis. The value of Paddy Power is estimated at around $3.78 billion, but is predicted to cross over into the $4 billion region soon.

Amaya Gaming Group

As far as value goes, the Amaya Gaming Group is only slightly behind Paddy Power, with a value of about $3.62 billion. But as far as influence goes, many argue that Amaya has a further reach than both companies said to have a higher overall value.

Amaya is most widely known for having purchased CryptoLogic, a company responsible for providing an enormous amount of software to online websites, but also having financial difficulty. Having purchased the company, Amaya quickly turned it into an enormously profitable and successful venture. Amaya is also the owner of Pokerstars, one of the leading online poker companies in the world, and responsible for a great many extremely well known poker tournaments.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that Amaya is hot on the heels of the two companies currently ahead of it, and both should be sweating about being swept out of the way and surpassed.


As one of the major providers of online casino software in the world, including online roulette and poker games, Playtech is a major player in the world of online casinos. Perhaps not as overall valuable as the other companies on this list, Playtech is still worth a staggering $3.32 billion, and that number is set to keep climbing rapidly over the next few years. What is notable about Playtech is that it is a relatively young company, having come about in 1999, and has seen such exponential growth that it almost defies belief. Just another indication that the online casino industry has grown at an absolutely phenomenal rate.


Although focusing primarily on sports betting, Betfair is still a major player in the world of online casino games of all types. What catapulted the company to its enormous current popularity, however, was offering the then unheard of service of allowing players to bet against one another legally, without having to accept the fixed odds offered by bookmakers. Offering this service single handedly launched Betfair through the stratosphere, gaining it immense popularity almost overnight.

Currently worth $2.28 billion, the company may be the least valuable on this list, but being the least valuable on a list of most valuable online gambling and casino companies is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

Betfair has come under fire recently for raising the rates on their famed betting services, but the company is still growing rapidly, and is set be one of the giants of the future online casino and gambling world. As to just how big they become, and as to whether they eventually challenge the bigger companies, remains to be seen.

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