The Biggest Black Friday Fails

Epic Black Friday fails Source: Pixabay

If you have survived a Black Friday at the shops, you will know that the day can go one of two ways. It is either going to be fantastic, or it is going to leave you utterly mortified – which is how the people responsible for the biggest fails must have felt.

From punching guards, to waiting at the wrong door, the stories are funny (if they didn’t happen to you) lessons we can learn from. Thankfully, they are not something you need to worry about when you play to win at our online casino Ireland, as you don’t have to venture out into the madness to get your hands on an awesome prize. Let’s take a closer look at folks who did Black Friday all wrong.

1. Punching the Security Guard

According to one Reddit user who witnessed the incident, a shopper had waited in line in front of a store throughout the night. Shortly before the store was due to open, the security guard arrived and made his way to the front door. In a moment of sleep-deprived confusion, the shopper accused him of jumping the line, and punched him; a move that saw the shopper banned.

2. Huge Sale, Minimal Stock

Speak to retail staff anywhere on earth, and they will tell you that managers have a tendency to jump the gun. In the case of one district manager who did so, the result was chaos. Just before opening a store for Black Friday, they announced that $200 digital cameras were on sale for just $50. The problem? That store had four such cameras in stock.

3. Powerless Electronics Store

Another Reddit user described a Black Friday fail at the popular electronics store they worked at. According to the Reddit user, shoppers had to sit and wait out a power failure that lasted for an hour and a half. Frustration levels must have soared, because no purchases or refunds could be made in that time.

Shopping up a storm Source: Unsplash

4. No Credit Card System

On days like Black Friday, it can be easier to pay for your shopping using a credit card. Well, it’s easier if the store’s credit card system is working. A Reddit user reported that the credit card system in store in which they worked went offline as soon as the shop opened for the day. Every single card transaction had to be recorded and eventually be rung up manually.

5. 14 Hour Wait for $2 Towels

The biggest sale day of the year can bring some truly skint people out of the woodwork. The worst that another Reddit user saw was a couple who waited in a queue outside a shop for 14 hours so they could buy bath towels that had been marked down to $2.

6. Sleeping Through the Sales

Another Reddit user was supposed to meet a friend at 2am on Black Friday morning so they could make an early start. They decided to have a short nap after Thanksgiving dinner, which much have been a good one, because they woke up in the sober light of day, long after the sale was over. They had slept through 11 missed calls, 5 voice mail notifications, and one snoozed alarm.

7. Waiting at the Wrong Door

If you want to camp outside a store for three days in the hope of getting your hands on one of the coveted doorbuster items on their Black Friday sale, check that you are about to bust the right door. Another user of the popular website, recounted how one poor man camped at the wrong shop door and missed getting what he wanted by SECONDS.

Take heed of these fails, and good luck if you plan on going shopping!

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