Behind The Scenes With Live Dealer Roulette

Over the past few years, live dealer games have become incredibly popular at online casinos. This is because they let players feel as though they are sitting and playing in a traditional land based casino, when in actual fact, they are playing from the comfort of their own home.

Live dealer roulette is perhaps one of the most popular games of this kind, and thanks to real time video streaming technology, players are able to enjoy an interactive online experience that rivals the real thing. Let’s take a look at how live dealer roulette works, both from the player’s perspective and that of the online casino.

The Online Casino

Basically, what online casinos do every time a live dealer game is played is stream information to their players via the Internet. Essentially, it’s a TV broadcast where the player can interact with the dealer almost as if they were face to face. At least three different cameras capture the different angles of the roulette table and the accompanying dealer. One camera records a bird’s eye view, the second only records the table and the third camera records the wheel. All three streams are then shared with players on their computer or mobile device.

The Players

The action on the player’s part does not actually differ that much from what it would in a land based casino. As long as players are able to see the dealer, everything should run smoothly from their side.

Bets are made as per usual, with players placing their chips on the relevant areas of the table and results cannot be yielded until the wheel has spun. Instead of the casino software spinning a wheel and the results being determined by an RNG, the croupier spins the wheel, drops the ball in and you’ll wait and watch until it stops, revealing whether or not you are a winner.

Some online casinos do allow for chatting with other players once the wheel has stopped turning, so you are free to turn on your microphone should you wish to. Everything else is automated, meaning that your device and the software installed will do everything else on your behalf.

Live dealer roulette is a fun experience that makes a very good substitute for the real thing. If you have always wanted to play this classic game, now is the perfect time!

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