Android or iOS Mobile Gaming?

In today’s fast-paced world, more and more players are turning to mobile casinos for their gaming fix. Mobile casinos offer up the same high-quality games as their online counterparts with the added benefit of being portable and usable just about anywhere in the country. One question that gets asked quite frequently though, is which type of phone or operating system is best for mobile gaming, Android or iOS?

Casino gaming aside, there is a fierce debate on which phone is better, an Android phone or an iPhone. Both sides have valid arguments and in the end, we all retreat to what we feel suits our lifestyle and personal brand beliefs. When it comes to mobile casino gaming, both phones or operating systems exist on a level playing field. All leading smartphones, no matter what operating system or manufacturer is capable of running the latest mobile slots in high quality with perfect ease.

App Facts

All top-rated mobile casinos offer both an Android and an iOS app. In fact, it is quite rare that you will find the one and not the other. If we had to be pushed, we would say that Android casino apps are slightly more prolific, but in the end, you can still play the same games on your iPhone or iPad via the mobile web browser. In terms of how the apps run, both Android and iOS casino apps have the same structure, the same games and the same quality.

A casino app will have a setup that is the same for all makes and models of phones or tablets. The quality of the games might be hindered by the screen size, CPU or RAM, but the software itself is the same. If you want to experience the best possible casino gaming, use a device with the highest quality resolution, a generous amount of RAM and a decent sized processor. Whether this is an iPhone or a Samsung phone is purely up to you.

Instant-Play Mobile Games

As mentioned above, if you find yourself at a mobile casino that doesn’t have an app that supports your operating system, chances are they have a dedicated mobile website with instant play games. In such cases, you can simply log onto the mobile website with your phone or tablet and play each game via your web-browser. The only thing limiting your experience here is the speed of your internet connection. If you have a reasonably fast connection, you can enjoy the same high-quality games without having to download any software.

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