A World of Online Casino Players

A World of Online Casino Players

The online and mobile casino industry is big business, and attracts millions of players on a daily basis. We should know, because more than a few of them spin the reels, play cards, and try their hand at roulette and other games right here at Mummys Gold.

According to a white paper published by Juniper Research earlier this month, the trend shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, close to $1 trillion is expected to be spent on online wagering by 2021.

If you’ve ever wondered who all those millions of players are, or, if after that last snippet of information, you find yourself wondering who they are, take a look at a few facts and figures with us.

Back in Time

Just four years after Mummys Gold was established, the American Gaming Association conducted a study to find out who plays at online casinos. The 2006 study estimated that between 14 million and 23 million players got their gaming action on computer.

Of those players, between 28 and 35 percent were citizens of the USA, while 49 percent lived in Asia and the Pacific regions, and 23 percent were European. 68 percent of the respondents were male, 41 percent earned $75 000 or more per annum, 61 percent had college or university educations, and 70 percent were younger than 40.

Mobile Leads the Way in 2016

In the 10 years since that study, we’ve seen the rise of smartphones and a massive increase in the number of mobile casinos. Try out the Mummys Gold mobile platform for practice or for real money, if you haven’t done so already.

The Juniper Research paper revealed that smartphones and tablets are leading the way into the future of gaming.

The Global Games by the Numbers Second Quarter 20106 survey examined data from 4.4 billion apps on Android and iOS devices.

It found that 82 percent of those apps had been installed on Android, versus 17 percent installed on iOS handsets. 41 percent of the total app installations and 42 percent of Android app installations happened in the BRICS countries of Brazil, Russia, India, and China.

The survey also revealed that, in Indonesia, 96 percent of gaming apps had been installed on Android devices.

Don’t miss out on any of the fun. Sign up at Mummys Gold mobile casino and join a world of winners.

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