A Closer Look at Mermaids Millions

Adventure on the high seas – it’s often something we read or watch at the cinema but it’s very rarely something we get to experience. The fresh sea spray and rolling waves of the ocean have been both alluring and parlous since man first slapped together a primitive raft to see what was on the other side of that vast expanse of blue. And perhaps as long as man has been braving the waters that cover over seventy per cent of our planet, they have come back with tales of mythical creatures roaming the depths.

From Aspidochelone, the giant turtle which faked being an island in order to lure sailors to certain death to the twelve legged, six headed, serpent Scylla from the epics of Homer, there have been no shortage of examples since the start of recorded human history.

But probably one of the most well known and perhaps least terrifying mythical sea creatures would undoubtedly be the mermaid. With the torso and head of a human and a tail that looked as if it belonged on a fish, the mermaid can be read about in the folklore and myths of cultures around the world including Europe, Africa and Asia. While sometimes portrayed as benevolent creatures, helping shipwreck victims back to shore or falling in love with human sailors, other mermaids were often tied to catastrophe on the open sea. This included violent storms as well as instances of drowning and horrible shipwrecks.

Under the Waves

Lucky for us, the mermaids in Mermaids Millions Slots Game by Microgaming appears to be the generous and caring kind. So generous, in fact, that their very appearance on the reels of this exciting game can mean a massive win for daring players. So what’s Mermaids Millions all about? Let’s find out!

As one might expect from an underwater themed slot, blue is the name of the game with Mermaids Millions. It’s absolutely everywhere. From the slot background to the symbols on the reels, this game is inundated with crystal clear, deep blue water. A fitting element indeed and one that helped to transport us to a world that we as humans have still yet to full explore.

Talk about adventure – it doesn’t get much more mysterious than the bottom of the ocean! The symbols for this slot include familiar favourites like the ten, jack, queen and king, but even these have a twist of aquatic inspiration. From shining white pearls to giant octopus and sturdy golden tritons, the ocean seemingly touches absolutely everything and we love it.

And to our surprise, apparently all mermaids are not female. I guess that makes sense. How else would there be so many of them? We can see the Wild in Mermaids Millions appears to be a stately yet mischievous male mermaid. Perhaps, with his long white hair and long white beard, he is the king of the mermaids. Regardless, he plays an important role in this slot. The Wild can lead to big wins for the player, so you should keep your eyes peeled for this happy king and his crown of multi-coloured shells!

Treasure Awaits

And what would an undersea adventure be without the possibility of treasure? The treasure bonus symbol, with its sturdy wooden frame reinforced with golden straps, can help the player unlock a Mermaids Millions bonus game. You must land five, four or three of these symbols on an active payline to start the fun.

When you do, you’ll be taken to the bottom of the ocean where you’ll see tons of treasure chests. Pick three objects to reveal your prize and cross your fingers that lady luck is on your side!

Are you ready for your deep-sea adventure? Let the mythical creatures from Mermaids Millions be your guide. It’s time to dive in!

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