Good Health Equals Good Games

A healthy diet brings bigger winsSource: Pixabay

Gaming is definitely one of the best things about living in the 21st century. You could even say that the ability to play high quality pokies or other online casino games on the device of your choice is one of the high points of modern civilisation.  But can you have too much of a good thing? Are video games bad for your health? As a matter of fact, not only are video games good for you (see below), but with some planning you can turn your play station into a health haven. Here are ten ways for you to maximize your physical and mental vitality to boost your chances of getting big wins.

Top health tips

If you’re spending hours in front of a screen, the first step is to inform yourself about the possible health hazards. Some general health tips for gamers can go a long way. If you know what to look out for, you’ll know what to do about it, which will make for a better gaming experience.

Eating for the win

You are what you eat, and that goes for gamers too. Gamers who eat healthy have sharper reactions and stronger focus. They think more clearly and make better decisions.  On the other hand, if your body depends on junk food, you can expect your mental and physical health to break down. In other words, a health-conscious gamer is a winning gamer, so it’s time to drop the snack food and sodas and find out what is the best diet for gamers.

Wellness without tears

If you have a gaming lifestyle, you know that technology is your friend. This holds true for wellness too. There are many wellness gadgets and devices that you can run in the background to improve your health even while you’re spinning the reels at your play station or fast asleep after a winning session.

Boost your health!Source: Pixabay

DIY vitality

Obesity, heart disease, bowel cancer – they’re all linked with sedentary occupations. In other words, sitting on your butt for extended periods of time can make you sick.  What a lot of people don’t realise, though, is that you can make things better for yourself by designing an ergonomic work/play station

Clear sighted

More and more young people are experiencing eye strain and having to get glasses because of all the time they spend looking at screens. Worse, stressed eyes spoil your performance at work and your gaming pleasure with headaches and even glaucoma. But there are eye exercises you can do to reduce the strain on your eyes – and improve your gaming experience while you’re at it.

Desk-top workouts

Physical vitality makes for better gaming. Exercise will improve your time management skills, focus and mental agility. The good news is that there are some very effective exercises you can do without even leaving your desk. 

Body beat

 Going beyond desk-top exercises, you can build and tone muscle inside a very small space. Why not look as good as you play?  A wall, a door, a resistance band and a floor are all that you will need to get results – that, and some mental discipline. But you’ve got that covered, right? Let’s work out!

Brain gym

A healthy body is even better when it’s coupled with a healthy mind. Proven brain-training apps are a great asset for any gamer. These five scientifically proven brain-training apps are bound to keep your mental muscles in great shape. Try them all and you will surely hone your mind and raise your game. 

Dress for success

Even the clothes you wear can affect your performance. “Well fashion” is an emerging trend of clothes whose fabric or structure is designed to benefit the wearer’s mind, body or emotions in some way.  On top of that, clothing designers are starting to bring out performance clothing for gamers clothes specifically geared to help you win more often.

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