5 Ways Online Casinos Have Changed

If you were ever in doubt that technology has come a big way in the last two decades, this list will put those doubts to rest. Everyone knows that technology moves at a rapid pace, but just how rapid that pace is really does sometimes boggle the mind.

It was not so long ago that a solar powered calculator was the most amazing thing you could carry around in your pocket, and today mobile phone technology is verging on the ridiculous. Have you ever stopped to really think about the fact that mobile video calling is now possible? They were using that technology in Star Trek not so long ago, and it seemed impossible. Now we all but take this incredible technology for granted. Let’s stop and appreciate just how much online casinos have changed since the 90s.

1.Instant Access To Games

In the 90s, if you wanted access to an online casino you had to download a client program to your computer. There was just no other option. How long did this program take to load? It could take as long as a few hours, and once it did finally finish, it granted access to a limited range of a few basic casino games. One blackjack game, one roulette game, and one slot game, if you were lucky. And if you were thinking that at least these games were likely impressive to look at, you’d be wrong. The 90s online casino game player could only dream of the graphics we are using today.

In modern times you’d expect to go online, surf through a number of games at your leisure, at a number of different websites, and decide on a game that struck your fancy. The amount of data being used in this little online browse is likely more than the entire 90s client program. In fact, clicking on just one modern slot game is likely more data than the entire 90s program. The one that took hours to download, remember.

2.Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Variety is the spice of life, so they say, and as far as casino games go we sure do have a lot of variety. There are tens of thousands of slot games available online. So many so, in fact, that you could probably play a new one every day, and not have seen them all by the time you’re old and doddering. This is freedom of choice the casino game player could only dream of. He likely had to settle for a single slot game, or suffer a pretty big download time if he wanted a new one.

3.Mobile Casinos

And, it goes without saying, the 90s casino game player had not even begun to conceive of the idea of playing casino games on a mobile device. This was science fiction in the 90s, and so beyond the capability of mobile devices of the time that it would seem like sorcery being able to access thousands of casino games from a mobile phone. If you told that 90s gambler that you could also watch movies on your phone, and listen to music, he may well have thought you were mad!

4.New Types Of Games

Games such as multi-hand blackjack were not available back in the 90s; certainly not as far as online casino games went. With the new wave of online casino games today there have been many interesting changes and innovations to classic games, keeping them fresh. This means that we are playing versions of games today that did not exist in the 90s. And, of course, we’re getting new game version on an almost daily basis.

5.Graphics And Sound

It goes without saying that modern graphics are pretty impressive. But you won’t realise just how impressive until you see what games looked like in the 90s. We’re talking about an era where the term High Definition had not ever been mentioned, and no one knew that a resolution could even go beyond standard definition. Today’s modern graphics are not only impressive to look at, but also very easy to work with. This means that great graphics are just a part of the modern casino industry by default.

Modern casino game soundtracks are also pretty astonishing, with some even boasting orchestra music that was composed specifically for the game. Again, you may not realise just how impressive this is until you’ve heard some of the crackling, muffled sound that was used in 90s games. Keep in mind that 90s online casino games did not even utilise music at all, and were limited to just a few basic sound effects that indicated you had placed a bet. If you wanted a soundtrack to your casino games back then, you had to play some music on the radio, and just pretend it was part of the game!

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