5 Things To Try In 2020

Take the leap and travel moreSource: Unsplash

New year’s resolutions. We all make them and we all break them, but they are something we gravitate towards as we begin another trip around the sun. Whether those resolution involve losing weight, getting more exercise, being more patient, or setting aside time for playing online pokies and other favourite games, they are little goals we set ourselves, and they focus on the things that are important to us.

But what if, instead of the usual resolutions, you set a few parameters that would broaden your horizons? Check out our list of the 5 things that you should try in 2020, and start living your best life!

Learn a New Language

Learning languages activates different areas of your mind, allows you to connect with more people and cultures, and can enhance your career prospects considerably. Any language is worthwhile, but our top recommendations are the 3 that are most widely spoken, Mandarin, Spanish and Arabic.

Travel More

There’s nothing like travelling to expose you to new cultures and environments, and to open up your mind. Just make sure you do it sustainably, taking note of wildlife and environmental preservation measures, supporting local economies and respecting traditional customs.

Get your wanderlust on this year with visits to the gorillas of Rwanda, the unspoilt natural beauty of Kyrgyzstan (next to Uzbekistan), and the incredible surfing opportunities of Japan’s Chiba Prefecture. Or explore the ancient wellness rituals, rooted in Buddhism, that are practised in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.

Galway and Rijeka, in Ireland and Croatia respectively, share the title of 2020 European Capital of Culture, so these are definitely the spots to visit when you feel like a dose of some sophisticated entertainment. Think film festivals, art, incredible food and charming streets to explore, and you have an idea of what is on offer.

Save More Money

Well, there had to also be a sensible habit listed in our Top 5 Things to Try. Saving money can seem very arduous, and you might have to go without instant enjoyment as you put off eating out or buying a new outfit. In the long run though, you’ll be rewarded with so much more.

Say yes moreSource: Unsplash

Set aside a certain amount of money, or specific portion of your income, each month. To stay motivated you can decide on exactly what you’re going to spend it on when you have enough and put up pictures to remind yourself, or track the growth in a graph or on a spreadsheet. There are also handy apps that can help you track your spending, so embrace technology and let it help you cut costs and fill up that piggy bank.

Say Yes More

The more time you spend as an adult, the easier it is to become limited by expectations – held by both yourself and others. Along the way, it’s easy to become overly cautious, and to start saying no automatically. In 2020, the time has come to change all of that.

Open yourself to new experiences by simply deciding to say yes more often. If you’re invited somewhere that you don’t usually go, or a friend suggests you try Salsa lessons, agree before you think of all the usual reasons that would make you refuse. From there, watch your world start to open up.

Have More Fun

Have more fun might sound a little lofty and non-specific, but hear us out. Essentially, this is the fundamental aim that each of the other things we have suggested will help you to achieve. Learning languages, travelling, saving money and saying yes rather than no will all make your life more enjoyable in the healthiest and happiest ways possible. If that isn’t the formula for a successful 2020, we don’t know what is.

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