4 Tech Trends to Keep an Eye On

Tech Trends to Keep an Eye On

There are a number of tech trends that we are keeping an eye on that are sure to change the world as we know it. 2017 has ready been an exciting year in terms of tech, and these trends prove that things just keep getting better. Here are the top 4 tech trends you need to know about now:

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things or IoT has been spoken about for some years now, and the reason it hasn’t yet caught on as it should lies in issues with interoperability. The IoT is meant to connect all our gadgets together, but we simply aren’t at that point technologically yet, at least in terms of usability.

We predict that you will experience a refocus on smart homes as this year draws to a close: WiFi is now a tried and trusted form of networking tech, and routers are delivering ever increasing amounts of bandwidth, so your home has all the space it needs in order to stay connected! Imagine being able to load up your favorite casino games on your smart TV with a simple voice command, or turn up the heat or turn on and off the lights with your smartphone. It’s coming!

AI and Automation

Business automation has been in practice for some time: our experience with this kind of technology is currently limited to automated customer service systems that we are forced to interact with whenever we require assistance. This is set to become more commonplace in 2017, but, thankfully, it will improve. Better AI and chat bots will be able to contextualize information better than before, as well, rendering the experience a far less painful one for consumers.

Upsurge of Synthetic Food

As the planet’s population keeps increasing, our climate and natural resources are being stretched to the limit, and serious adjustments as to how we eat will have to be made, and soon. The world simply has to come up with better ways to keep its people fed, and the most viable answer may well lie in synthetic food.

There is currently work being done on growing various foods, including meat and eggs, in lab environments, and, with consumers increasingly demanding more environmentally-friendly, cruelty-free foods, this looks very much like a trend set to take off sooner rather than later.

Blurring Digital and Physical Worlds

Above and beyond Augmented and Virtual Reality, one trend to keep an eye on is for increasingly specific navigation services –like maps included in a specific store’s application to direct you right towards what you are looking for as you arrive.

The future is most definitely here, and these trends are speeding us ever more quickly towards the kind of everyday life only available in the world of the imagination up until very recently.

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