10 Most Watched Videos On YouTube

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that YouTube is basically the most visited website on the Internet. Appearing just a decade ago, and rocketing to incredible popularity in a short space of time, YouTube can all but be considered where a large percentage of people today get their daily entertainment. It’s as popular as online casino games, and it pulls in viewers of all ages, across every divide.

However, YouTube is also entertaining for a number of other reasons. The most interesting thing about it being that the content is created by anyone who cares to upload a video. This, of course, means that there have been a number of questionable videos uploaded, and likewise that the platform has become a popularity contest. After all, a person can make a living on YouTube posting videos, assuming that those videos are watched.

Today the most popular music videos on YouTube have billions of views, which is obviously an outrageous number. It starts to make a person think just which the most viewed videos are, and what makes them so popular.

#1 – Wiz Khalifa – See You Again

Given the types of videos that see mass popularity on YouTube, one wouldn’t expect this particular video to be sitting at number one. A pleasant but relatively down to earth and simple music video, one might ask themselves exactly why this video is almost breaking an astonishing 3 billion views. Either way, the number one spot is held by a tie-in music video and song for the long running Fast and Furious franchise.

#2 – PSY – Gangnam Style

Much more in line with the things that go viral on YouTube, the Gangnam style music video exploded in popularity, and steamed it’s way to over 2.5 billion views. Featuring a catchy song, entertaining, mostly silly music video, and even an easy to learn dance set, the video has everything needed to be a viral sensation.

Psy doing it Gangnam styleSource: wikimedia

#3 – Justin Bieber – Sorry

It should be obvious that all top 10 most watched videos are music videos. The third is from teen heartthrob Justin Bieber, with his also down to earth music video and song “Sorry.” Released in 2015, the video has a very respectable 2.6 billion views.

#4 – Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk

With 2.5 billion views is Mark Ronson and his somewhat controversial song Uptown Funk. A great, catchy song with a lively and energetic music video, there is little to dislike here. In fact, one would almost say the video was destined for mass viral fame, given that a person can easily replay the video the moment it finishes. Remember, after all, one person watching 10 times in a row still counts as 10 views.

#5 – Luis Fonsi – Daddy Yankee

Add a hefty dose of sexy, a pinch of pleasantly charming Spanish guitar, and a whole heap of attractive cinematography, and you have the Luis Fonsi music video for Daddy Yankee. Also with 2.5 billion views, the video has the potential to dethrone some of the champions above it.

And those are the top 5 most viewed videos on YouTube. Here is a quick look at the next 5 that make up the top 10. Remember, with videos fluctuating massively in popularity over the years, any of these videos can easily jump up and down in position on the top 10 chart. Don’t forget that not so long ago the most watched videos barely topped 1 billion. One can only imagine that there is very little limit to how popular YouTube videos can get.

Taylor Swift a YouTube favourite Source: wikimedia

#6 – Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

#7 – Enrique Iglesias – Bailando

#8 – Maroon 5 – Sugar

#9 – Katy Perry – Roar

#10 – Taylor Swift – Blank Space

From this list it is clear that Taylor Swift is a favourite and that music videos are what we all really love to watch!

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