New Age of Conquest Online Slot

Age of Conquest

The battle of an era is about to unfold in the Age of Conquest online slot. Armies have gathered, champions have taken up arms, and the clash of steel will not stop until either light or dark stand victorious. Plus, of course, whoever emerges triumphant will also have their choice of the...Continue Reading →

Spanish Football Clubs Resume Training

Players back on the pitch

Spain’s football clubs are gearing up for the much-anticipated restarting of the league on 11 June. Clubs returned to full squad training at the beginning of the month after a hiatus of almost three months due to the global health crisis. Before full squad training resumed, players had to...Continue Reading →

Fortress Charge Slot™ Brings Medieval Quests to Life

Fortress Charge slot

These days, the high production value of slots – at least when they are released by leading developers – means the games work equally well on desktop and platforms. That’s definitely the case with Fortress Charge™, which was designed and created by Microgaming in...Continue Reading →

A Quick Look at Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons

What the world really needed more of is Minecraft. After all, with 126 million people playing it, there was certainly room for some expansion. That’s what Microsoft must have thought anyway, so hence we now have Minecraft Dungeons. You’ve probably already heard about it, and may have...Continue Reading →